Lightworkers Get Ready! Everyone On Earth Has Activated Their Kundalini Journey!

In one of my first videos I said lightworkers have about 2 years to wrap up their kundalini journey and that has come true. The entire world has begun their kundalini journey and everyone’s root chakra has been activated to begin kundalini.

Rich or poor this has affected your root chakra and your sense of safety and stability. The root chakra is all about the safety, security and stability in your everyday life and every single persons life on earth has been affected in some way. You are either worried about the your money, bills, job, career, health, or home and that is all about the root chakra. Most of the world is stuck in their homes with a lot of their distractions taken away and they have lost control over their lives. They are soul searching, looking at their lives inner and outer, and beginning the dark night of the soul. The dark night of the soul is when you evaluate your life and decide you want it to be different. You make a conscious and unconscious decision that you want a very different life than the one you have been living. People are seeing their wants and needs are two very different things and focusing more on their needs. This is when you begin your journey to having that different life. Just the struggle of going to the grocery and getting food was a shock to everyone, as that has never happened in my lifetime. I have never seen empty shelves at the grocery store food has always been plentiful and available in my 48 years of living. This has hit everyone right in the root chakra and that is where the kundalini journey begins. Many are losing everything they have built over their lifetime, many have lost their jobs and are facing scary situations they have never faced in life before. No matter who you are or how much money you have this affected your life in some way.

Lightworkers went through this journey individually and now the whole world will go through it together. It is the life purpose of all lightworkers to guide the collective through this journey this is what you were born to do. That is why it is so important for you to finish up your kundalini journey in the next 2 years. The collective will be coming to us for guidance after they realize that the modern medicine will be of no help to them for their kundalini symptoms and look for alternative ways. Some will even come sooner. I have had clients that have come to me in the last few months with their kundalini stuck in their root chakra and this can cause some very uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms of kundalini stuck in your root chakra can be painful and uncomfortable. Sciatic nerve pain, electrical feeling pains in your legs, leg cramps, rashes on your legs or in the root chakra area, hip pain and low back pain are just a few symptoms of kundalini stuck in your root chakra. That is where lightworkers come in to assist them because you have been through this journey and will know how to get through it from experience. You will be able to tell the collective what is happening to them, what they are going through and why. To be able to help the collective you have to have completed your kundalini journey and many lightworkers are stuck. I myself have been stuck before but I managed to overcome it and successfully complete my kundalini journey.

I have started an Accelerated Kundalini Program under my sessions tab on the menu of my blog at I have made it affordable because I know these are difficult times for everyone. I am also using my SoulSistersTruth YouTube Channel to teach you about the kundalini journey and give you guidance. I am changing my Energy Updates by Dawn page to updates and information about the kundalini journey. An Instagram page is also in the works. I have a partner Julie and we will be working together to get as much information out to you as possible. On this journey the more knowledge you have about yourself and your journey the more you take your power back. If you are a lightworker you were born to do this. This is your life purpose and its time to get it done. We have 2 years to finish and be ready. for the collective. To help the collective you have to have successfully completed and experienced the kundalini journey. You can not guide anyone through anything you have not experienced yourself.

We are needed lightworkers its time to do what you were born to do!

Love and Light,