What Is A Lightworker? And Incoming Kundalini Energy For The Week Of 2/28-3/5

A lightworker is a divine being that has agreed to to come to earth and evolve and help others evolve after they have healed themselves. We were born into dysfunctional and abusive families and situations. This trauma and pain has caused us to live life wearing a false mask. We were born gifted, full of unconditional love, and with a high vibration. The trauma and pain has lowered our vibration. We spent our lives before we were awoken going through ego cycles of suffering and pain. Only shown conditional love from those around us. Since we were born with unconditional love in our hearts we would never feel like we fit in.

When a lightworker is awakened they begin the kundalini journey. This is energy coming to you to help dissolve the dead energy that contains your fear, trauma, and pain. Throughout the kundalini journey little by little your vibration raises to what it was when you were born. This is how a lightworker is reborn and evolves to their authentic selves.

While you are evolving you are slowly removing that false mask of your trauma and pain to become your true higher self. A divine being an angel. You have agreed to a difficult journey. Not only healing yourself so you can evolve but afterwards helping others heal themselves so they can evolve. This is how the human race evolves and creates a new earth.

So you are very very important to humanity and the divine.

The first wave of lightworkers have lain the groundwork and been on their journey the longest. This has made it possible for other lightworkers and the collective to get through the journey faster. We broke karmic cycles and learned lessons so we can guide you through yours. When you know why something is happening that takes out most the work of trying to figure it out. This journey is about becoming aware and the first step is to become as aware as possible about yourself. The more information and knowledge you have about yourself the more karmic cycles you have broken. Once you learn the lesson you have broke a karmic cycle and ascended. You are out of an ego cycle and on the path to your higher self. You repeat until you break the cycle, learn the lesson, and evolve.

So a lightworker is very special and supported by the divine. You are loved and cherished and have a very important role in the human race evolving to a new earth. You are here to help yourself then others live the life that was always meant to be. What you were given at birth as an inheritance is waiting for you at the end of this journey.

This weeks kundalini energy report:

  • 2/28 Friday heart chakra   
  • 2/29 Saturday  throat chakra   
  • 3/1 Sunday  solar plexus  chakra 
  • 3/2 Monday heart and minor chakras
  •  3/3 Tuesday sacral chakra
  • 3/4 Wednesday root chakra
  •  3/5 Thursday third eye  chakra

You have chakras up the front of your body and high chakras up the back of your body. How you react will depend on how you perceive energy feeling, seeing, or hearing. Lightworkers are receiving more frequent energy waves to push them through so they will be ready for the collective.

This site was created to spread awareness, love and truth to others.  I have finally completed my kundalini journey.  Now I have been urged to share everything with you and educate you, so that you may complete yours.

I have created The Lightworker Channel… on YouTube along with this blog for Energy Updates and Kundalini educational videos for Lightworkers. Please join me on this journey, you don’t have to do this journey alone.

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