I Am Going To Teach You Everything I Know About Kundalini

I will be doing this on my YouTube channel called The Lightworker Channel… by SOULSISTERSTRUTH.COM. Here is my first video, please excuse me I was nervous… I will get better at this. My goal is to walk you step by step through it and teach you. The more knowledge you have the more empowered you are. Please like and subscribe to my channel for more videos.

After a long break to finish up my journey I have been urged to share all that I learned with you. So I am going to build a Youtube Channel devoted to just kundalini educational videos. Please join me on this journey.

Kundalini is when you start to receive energy from the universe to assist you in your journey to your higher self. This energy removes dead energy from your 5 bodies that make up your higher self, then at the end you fully merge into your higher self. 

This dead energy contains fear..This fear came from any trauma and pain you have been through in your childhood. We were taught as children to repress our emotions and thoughts. To just get over whatever experiences that created this trauma. Children never get over it. It just gets repressed in our subconscious. We then unconsciously see through an illusion and reenact our childhood patterns throughout our adult lives. 

This dead fear-based energy also lowers our vibration. And keeps us from manifesting our best life;  In physics class we learned that everything is made of energy. In quantum physics we learn that we are made of energy too. We are made up of physical atoms. These atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly vibrating and spinning. This is where your vibration comes from and any dead energy lowers this vibration. You remove this dead energy by doing your inner work healing and the universe assists you by sending you kundalini energy to dissolve the dead energy from your 5 bodies that make up your higher self. Then little by little as you heal you raise your vibration back to what it was when you were born. You were born with a high vibration but everything you went through, especially in your childhood, that caused trauma and pain lowered your vibe. 

So the kundalini journey is restoring you to your higher self. It is resurrecting your bodies and healing your inner child. 

I am going to teach you everything I know about this kundalini journey. I have collected a wealth of information along this 7 year journey and hopefully you can complete it sooner.This journey is about you finding your truth and the more truth you know and can see the higher level of consciousness and awareness you achieve. 

If you give a man a fish he eats for a day. If you teach a man to fish he eats for life. 

So I want to teach you how to navigate this journey and all about the kundalini journey.

I will be putting up videos to teach you. The videos won’t be long because I know I lose interest when a video is too long. This way everyone can learn at their own pace. And can retain the information. I am not going to charge for this information as I believe everybody should have this information and some cannot afford expensive sessions.

The more time and energy invest in yourself and this journey the faster you complete it and start living your best life.It is a lot of work but the payoff is huge. 

This site was created to spread awareness, love and truth to others.  I have finally completed my kundalini journey.  Now I have been urged to share everything with you and educate you, so that you may complete yours.

I have created The Lightworker Channel… on YouTube along with this blog for Energy Updates and Kundalini educational videos for Lightworkers. Please join me on this journey, you don’t have to do this journey alone.

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