The Divine Masculine Journey of Healing Poverty Consciousness

After healing and seeing through the illusion of victim consciousness (emotional) you then go on the journey of healing the divine masculine poverty consciousness (mental). The divine feminine journey is 6 dimensions or layers and so is the divine masculine journey. Poverty consciousness is an illusion over your third eye that cause you to see only lack and loss in your life. This illusions as all illusions are, are lies that come from our past and how we were treated by others. No matter how much love, money, health, or abundance you have in your present life these illusions will keep you from seeing it. These illusions create energy blocks on your energy body and lower your vibration every time an old program from one of them is triggered. An old program is a lie from our past causing us to see and believe an illusion in our present lives. No matter if you have a loving family and partner now, you would always feel unloved. No matter how much money, safety, and security you have now this old program would run and make you think you don’t have enough money to be safe and secure in life. These blocks have to go in order for you to see and have a truly abundant life.

You were receiving energy from the sun and the moon in the divine feminine to dissolve these energy blocks from your energy body. Now it’s stepped up and you receiving energy not only from the sun and the moon, but all the planets in the sky join the party now. Yeah the planets aren’t just for birth charts and predictions, we receive energy from them that helps us dissolve and heal these energy blocks.

When a planet is going direct it’s affects our outer lives. When a planet goes retrograde or goes to sleep it is changing and affecting your inner life. It is working on those energy blocks related to the meaning of the planet. So right now we have a Jupiter retrograde, Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance. So Jupiter’s energy is working to dissolve your energy blocks that are keeping you from luck and abundance. You can start to feel energy from the planet going retrograde 3 weeks before the retrograde and this is called a shadow period and 3 weeks after a retrograde ends is a shadow period also. So the divine masculine is intense with energy from all the planets, the sun, and the moon going to your energy body.

After the first of the 6 layers you will no longer have what is called negative energy from psychic attacks, which come from you and your unhealed inner child. You will be dealing with energetic cords from falling into negative thinking patterns caused by old programs being triggered. We are either triggered by energy coming to us from the sun, moon, planets, or universe, something someone else said or did to us, a situation from the past that is happening again in the present, or someones else’s energy. I even had one client that was triggered into a negative thinking pattern by songs from her past. Lightworker’s trigger each other because our light triggers people’s darkness. That is why until you learned to stand up for yourself that people came at you in negative ways. Your light triggered their darkness inside their soul and then they lashed out at you. That is also why you always felt targeted in life. You could be in a room full of people minding your own business and someone will single you out, out of everyone else in the room and be negative towards you. I don’t even have had to be there when something happened in my family and it would still be blamed on me. I now have boundaries and can turn that all the way back around, but as a child I was helpless to defend myself against them. It’s your light that does this to people it triggers them.

We get energetic cords only on our first four chakras from falling into a negative thinking patterns from our past. This would happen when you start to have a negative thinking cycle that relates to that chakra. Wherever you fall back into the past and worrying and stressing about something in your present, you are in a negative thinking cycle from an old program.

Root chakra would be something in your everyday life. Money, career, home, health etc. Anything that affects your safety, security, and stability in your everyday life would be here.

Sacral chakra is our self love chakra so anything that is keeping you from fully loving yourself like past trauma and pain would be here. If you didn’t feel loved or cared for as a child or something keeping you from trusting others it would be here.

Solar plexus is our personal power and confidence chakra anger, shame, self-doubts, and self-esteem issues are here, anything keeping you from having confidence and trust in yourself.

Heart chakra anything that keeps us from loving others fully or loving the divine. Resentment, regret, guilt, sadness, and grief would be here.

All these feelings from your past and your childhood were repressed and created energy blocks on your energy body. These blocks when triggered can cause you to get into a negative thinking pattern and develop a cord. No people don’t cord us, we think its another person because an old program comes up and makes us feel in the present like we did in out past. So why Sally said something that triggered you and you start to feel bad and think negative thoughts about Sally. It wasn’t really Sally it’s an old program running making it seem like it was Sally but it isn’t. It is an energy block causing that old program to run. Energetic cords are something you are putting your energy into with your thoughts and can drain your energy. You also can’t balance and ground when you have a cord it is impossible, you are losing energy through the cord. You may even feel a cord as a pressure or even sometimes pain in the area of that chakra.

So the divine masculine will be all about cords from negative thinking patterns from the past showing up in your present. The divine feminine is about repressed negative emotions and the divine masculine is about negative thinking patterns. You have to defeat the negative thinking patterns. While the energy will be coming to you to dissolve these blocks you still have to be actively defeating them. How you defeat them is by not giving them your energy. They are like parasites and have to have a host to live. If you stop giving them your energy they will die, they feed off your energy.

When you notice that you are in a negative thinking pattern cycle get in the NOW as soon as you can. As cheesy as I always thought journaling was this is what helped me the most get out of and break up the pattern. I would start to write down everything negative thought running in circles in my head down on paper and this broke up the cycle. It circles in your brain so you don’t forget it once it’s on paper your brain just lets it go. Start telling it the opposite of what it is saying to you. If you are thinking I am not loved no one loves me. Start telling it I am loved, everybody loves me, the entire universe and everything in it loves me. If it is telling you that you can’t do this and will fail. Tell it I can do this I am a powerful lightworker I fail at nothing in life. This is how you defeat negative thinking patterns with the truth. They are lies and the truth destroys all lies.

It will get to the point you are purging everyday and even sometimes 2 times a day. When you purge you burn up an enormous amount of calories sometimes 5000 calories in one day. A calorie is measured as a unit of energy. So healthy food is literally energy for your energy body. After purging it is important to eat a heavy dense high calorie healthy meal that is high in protein, and from healthy foods, to replace that energy you lost from purging. If you don’t you will have a low level of energy and can be susceptible to seasonal allergies and the ascension flu. The ascension flu is when your energy gets so low you feel like you have the flu. You will never get a serious illness but you can feel very very sick. When I didn’t know what the ascension flu was from once I ended up having it for 26 days. It is important to eat right, rest, and practice self care.

In my last blog about the divine feminine I gave you some important self care tips. It is very important to rest when you feel energy coming to you so the energy can get through your body. When you stay busy you are just dragging this out longer maybe even years longer. The energy can’t get through a busy body to dissolve these blocks and when you resist you can make suffering worse than it needs to be on yourself. I spent most the last 6 months resting, purging and eating to get through this and get it over with as fast as possible.

You may notice if you are clairaudient that you can hear the energy coming in. This is very handy and this gift will get even stronger for you. If you hear energy go lay down and if you feel it go lay down. It makes the difference in a couple hours to a day or two of purging. I give my clients two timelines if you continue to do what you were during before your session and if you take my advice from the session. It can make months to even a year in difference in the timeline of being finished sooner if you take my advice. All of them take my advice now because this is brutal and we all want to get it over with as soon as possible. Let those feelings come out cry, scream or yell, cuss, or even throw a temper tantrum. Just get them out. I have many a times told my guides off and they are cool with it. You get a hall pass for anything you say during purging. I learned to remove myself from being around other people during this time because you are easily triggered and can lash out or say something you regret. Your guides are there for you and understand. I also try very hard to stay off the internet during this time or I will be going back and deleting comments after I finish purging. I don’t answer emails or the phone either. I just lay down and let the energy get through and process and release anything that comes up. I had it down to a few hours when I learned to work with the energy instead of days when I didn’t work with the energy.

My twinflame is beginning to purge some and doing a lot of soul searching as my finishing my journey has accelerated his and my purging was so bad and so often at the end, that we moved into separate rooms in the house. This was the absolute best thing I could do for our relationship. He his has private space and time and I have mine.  My purging doesn’t affect him and his doesn’t affect me. When we were around each other all the time we were tense and it affected out relationship. He has his sacred space and I have mine and we visit each other when we feel good and are not in a negative space. We love this arrangement so much that we are looking at getting a bigger place so he can have his own half and I can have mine. While the separate rooms was my idea from a huge fight we had, it was his idea to go find a bigger place because it has helped our relationship so much and we both are so much happier.

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  1. Thank You Dawn for writing this and our session. I has been having a bad time, so stopped reading everything. Now with clarity, I read this and it help my Soul absorb what you said on the phone. Bless you and thank you for sharing! dar


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