The Divine Feminine Journey Of Healing Victim Consciousness

The divine feminine journey is the beginning of your healing journey to awakening and healing your energy system body. This process is known as a kundalini awakening which is energy that comes from the sun (solar) and the moon(lunar) that awakens your energy body and removes the energy blocks from your energy body. These energy blocks lower your vibration so you can’t manifest the abundant and prosperous life you deserve and want. The energy coming to you is what removes the energy blocks and then you purge them out. In the divine feminine journey you will mostly be purging physically. What you purge is repressed energy from the emotional energy blocks. It will come out of your body in a physical way. Throwing up, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing, crying etc is purging of repressed energy from your energy body. These energy blocks also cause you to see and view your life through an illusion from your past through your third eye. This divine feminine healing journey will remove the first illusion of victim consciousness from your third eye but you have to work with the energy and defeat the illusion.

There are 6 layers or dimensions to your divine feminine journey. There are 6 layers or dimensions to your divine masculine healing journey that you take after you finish the divine feminine. After this is done, you will be 12th dimensional and go onto receiving christ consciousness. After receiving christ consciousness energy you will then become an ascended earth master.

Then divine feminine begins in your root chakra where solar energy enters and starts to remove emotional energy blocks. It then goes through your 7 major chakras removing energy blocks that you then purge. After going through the root to crown it then enters your earthstar chakra and finishes in your zeal point chakra. To continue through the rest of your higher chakras you have to had healed your victim consciousness first to go onto the divine masculine journey.

So I am going to explain victim consciousness because it is an illusion over your third eye that keeps you from seeing the truth. Most the time you have no idea you are in it. At the worst end of victim consciousness are narcissists, narcissists always think they are the victim in every situation. That is how they can tell you, you did something to them that they actually did to you. They really do view themselves as a victim in every situation and can switch everything around in a situation to feed this illusion. A narcissist is a person that was hurt so badly in their childhood from pain and trauma that they shut off their ability to love others. They do not have the ability to love anyone not themselves and not others. That is why if you haven’t healed your victim consciousness you will draw narcissists to you because your vibration matches theirs. Yes they are victims too but they are the opposite of you, you chose to still love others and they did not, opposites do attract when it comes to energy. So if you don’t want to attract narcissists heal your victim consciousness then your vibration will no longer match theirs will be too high for them to come to you.

Someone in victim consciousness will be healing and purging emotions from energy blocks of:

Being neglected, uncared for, unloved, having only conditional love in life, abandoned, and ignored.

Being targeted, victimized, bullied, and judged by other people or anything outside of themselves.

Having no safety or security in life, no confidence and filled with doubts, and no trust in self or others.

Someone in victim consciousness will have thoughts of:

Lessons are punishment. I am always punished in life.

I am a victim of circumstances I have no control over.

Life just happens to me I have no control over it.

Obstacles I can do nothing about hold me back.

I can’t start this _______ until this happens for me.

This is so hard I can’t do it. I should just give up.

I don’t like the way my job, my partner, my parent, or friend makes me feel. I wish they would change.

Victims never take responsibility for their life and take their power back. They wait for someone or something to come save them and change their life for them. They also stay stuck until the divine feminine journey is complete and they can say I AM. I AM responsible for everything that has happened to me as an adult. I AM going to take my power back. I AM going to change my life. I AM responsible for my own journey and life, my emotions and thoughts and energy. I AM not a victim. I Am not attacked or targeted by anyone or anything outside of myself.

When you can say that and mean it. You have healed your victim consciousness. You will never have the spiritual business you dream of until you have healed this. The universe will not let you work with other people in a meaningful way until this is healed. You will be given just enough to get by because if you were allowed to work with a lot of people, you would be triggered and project onto them your unhealed issues. To really step into an abundant spiritual business you have to be completely healed so you are not triggered by those that come to you for help. You also have to have healed the divine masculine because that journey is all about putting up boundaries. You have to have firm unbreakable and unbendable boundaries to work with people or they will walk all over you and take advantage of you. You also have to have come to realize you save the world by not saving other people but by saving yourself, it is ego when you think you can save anyone else but yourself. It is the higherself when you think, I will save myself and then guide others how to save themselves by what I have learned from my journey of self mastery.

You don’t need anything else but yourself to do this journey. The energy coming to you removes all your energy blocks which causes you to heal. You could do this journey in the middle of the amazon jungle alone. Your job is to stay in the NOW and not in the past or future. To process and purge all repressed emotions and thoughts that surface. To rest and practice self care so the energy can get through to heal you. When you are busy all the time and focusing on others the energy can’t do it’s job, it can’t get through, and you suffer. I have several clients that come to me and after I access their energy body and where they are at their journey and tell them they are three quarters of the way done. They are like how I have done nothing. I then say that is EXACTLY why you stayed in the NOW and let the energy do it’s job.

Back in December I thought back to when my journey was the easy and flowing for me and I progressed the most. It was in the beginning before I discovered social media, when I went out in nature, when I mediated and spent a lot of time alone reflecting. That is when it just flowed and I was the happiest. When I ate healthy foods, drank clean water, and took really good care of myself it wasn’t that hard.

I also noticed just how much social media affected my vibration. I could feel it rise and fall as I scrolled through posts depending on if they were love or fear based. I then did a major social media purge of low vibrational people and pages from social media page. Anyone that ever posted fear based stuff, messaged me with fear based stuff, or argued with me that they didn’t like the answer to my question they asked me in the first place, were gone. I narrowed it down to about 200 high vibrational people and pages. I now enjoy my page again and have complete control over it. Did the same on Youtube. I started marking not interested on everything and everybody that was fear based. You have control over things things in your life, protecting your energy and vibration is the single most important thing to do for yourself. I also quit all facebook groups. That is the blind leading the blind that leads to arguing and confusion. No one knows the whole truth and are just saying their truth from their level of awareness and if you haven’t finished your journey, you can’t see the truth just some of it from your level of awareness.

I also cleared out all low vibrational friends and family. I just said I love you and care about you but I have to take care of myself and my energy. If you ever decide to take care of yourself and do your journey I will be here for you but until you do I can’t be around you. I have to protect my energy and put myself first at all times. I can’t let one person jeopardize my journey to help myself and then potently help thousands of people when I finish. I can’t let one person stop that for me.

After I did all this I had healed my victim consciousness and went into the healing the divine masculine journey. The divine masculine journey is months compared to years in the divine feminine. What slows your journey down and gets you stuck is resistance to the process and taking the path of your ego. The path of your ego is going through cycles of suffering. Once you have that figured that out and get on the path of your higherself and take all focus off others and put it all on you, there is no more suffering and it gets easier and easier.

After you have finished and healed the first dimension or layer of consciousnesses of the divine masculine all psychic attacks stop. They come from your emotional blocks on your energy body. Implants are your emotional blocks on your energy body. They are not put there by aliens. Once these emotional blocks are healed all attacks stop. You then are in the divine masculine and dealing with energetic cords. I will go into this in my next blog about healing the divine masculine. After the divine masculine is when you receive christ consciousness energy that turns you into the ascended earth master you were always going to be, if you finished and didn’t get stuck. Then as an ascended earth master abundance comes to you easily and freely because you have such a high vibration that manifesting is effortless. Abundance isn’t just money. It’s complete and total happiness and contentment due to vibrant health, healthy relationships, staying balanced and grounded at all times and money. That is what your life will be if you finish this journey.

How to practice self care on your journey:

Pamper yourself like you were baby. You really are giving birth to a new you so take care of you not others.

Stop being so busy. Relax an stop trying to force things to happen because you can’t. It’s all in divine timing that is in your akashic records.There are two paths in your akashic records. The path of the ego and the path of your higher self. No one can read them or heal them either. Your guides have that under lock and key.

Overthinking, overworking, laziness and procrastination will hold you back and keep you stuck. Analysis paralysis is the sure fire way to get stuck. Go with the flow. Let go and let the universe take over.

Not resting and relaxing so the energy coming to you can get through will cause you to suffer and turn months into years.

Being busy and missing messages from your guides on how to do this and the next steps to take.

Trying to find answers outside of you and not going inside for answers. I haven’t read a book or article, had a teacher, or taken a class, everything I know that I used to get through this journey and help others through theirs was taught to me from my guides. That is why they are called guides. They have your akashic records and tell you how to take the path of your higherself.

Not taking alone time to rest and rejuvenate. Not eating well or drinking enough clean water. Food is energy for your energy body. Calories are measured as a unit of energy. If you aren’t eating right you will have low energy.

Taking outdoors time in nature. Sun therapy is awesome for your energy body.

Not staying in the NOW and being in the past or future too much. Let go of control you can’t change the past or control the future. You can control the NOW and how you react to things.

My next blog will be about healing the divine masculine on the divine masculine journey.

Much Love and Abundance.

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