The Truth About Twinflames And The Twinflame Journey

I am writing these blogs to people who have been on their journey for awhile and have gotten stuck. They will resonate with those that they are supposed to resonate with. They will reach the people that need this to get unstuck and go further. This isn’t for those that just begun their journey’s but the ones that are stuck and need a little bit of information to go further.

I am going to tell you the truth about the twinflame journey so you can know how to navigate it. All lightworkers have a twinflame and that twinflame will be another lightworker. It is not the other half of your soul that makes your soul whole. Everybody’s soul is whole and complete already . If you are single you still have a twinflame. This will someone if your everyday life you spend a lot of time with, usually you live together or spend a lot of time together. It can be someone from your past that suddenly shows up, it can be a parent, it can be a friend, as long as you spend a lot of time together and trigger each other.

A twinflame is another lightworker that mirrors your issues and wounds that are unhealed back to you and you mirror back theirs to them. Twinflame is just a role many people can fit this role , you don’t have just one. It is someone who is connected to you energetically whose issues perfectly match yours. It is to help you heal your inner child and for them to heal theirs. If you need a lot of attention in a relationship because you were ignored and neglected as a child, you will find yourself with a twinflame that ignores you because that triggers your issue. That issue will surface for you to heal because of being triggered. This is the part of the back and forth dynamic that twinflames heal each other with. If you are hyper and busy all the time, your twinflame will be laid back and lazy. It is 2 people with extremes that come together and eventually create balance in each other, by triggering each other.

The divine feminine goes first and this can be men. Most are women but it can be a man. We all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy in our soul. Our souls have no sex, no race, no religion it is just energy. This always upsets those with homophobic issues but it is energy and we have both divine feminine and divine masculine energies. The divine feminine rises first and after healed the divine masculine the rises and heals. I am going to use she as the divine feminine and he as the divine masculine but it can be two men or two women but it is easier to use she and he for this blog. These are just energies not genders. I have to use personal pronouns because there are two divine feminines and two divine masculines. A person who is in that energy and on the journey of healing victim consciousness, and there are two divine masculines a person who has taken on that energy and is on the journey to heal poverty consciousness.

So she takes her divine feminine journey first, then he doesn’t do much until she has finished her divine feminine journey and has healed her victim consciousness and is moving into her divine masculine journey. This healing she has done triggers his heart chakra to open and he begin his healing of the divine feminine victim consciousnesses. When this happens they have switched journeys and roles and she continues on to heal her divine masculine poverty consciousness. Poverty consciousness is viewing your present life through a veil of illusion only seeing lack and loss. You could have a million dollars but feel broke. You could have people around you that love you but still feel unloved because of these illusions that need to be healed. The farther she gets on her healing of the divine masculine poverty consciousness the more her mirror reflects back healing instead of unhealed issues. She then reflects healing to him and he heals much faster than she did. What took her years takes him months. This how twinflames help each other heal.

A lot of twinflames are stuck because she either hasn’t finished healing her victim consciousness so therefore his heart chakra can’t open for him to begin or his heart chakra opened but she is making him to comfortable to begin his journey. People don’t grow or begin their journey if they are comfortable. It is when they are uncomfortable that they decide they need to change and take the journey. It is suffering that leads someone to grow. Many of us took this journey alone and it was hard. So when our twinflames showed up we were determined to protect them and make their journey easier than ours and this is the wrong thing to do because there is no reason to take the journey until you are uncomfortable enough to grow. and change

You can’t do someone else’s journey for them that is caretaking that comes from codependency. Codependency is what many of us suffer from and that is focus on another person so you don’t have to focus on yourself. Everybody is grown up adults and everybody is responsible for themselves and their journey. If you think you can save anybody but yourself you are on the path of your ego. If you think you can save yourself and only yourself and then tell others how you did it and help them save themselves you by guiding them are on the path of your higher self.

If you think anything else outside of yourself can hurt, harm you, or control you and you are waiting for someone or something to come recuse you, you are in victim consciousness. Victims want to be saved. Until you take back control and realize that you have complete control and can change your life and don’t need anyone or anything to change it you are in victim consciousness. Until you heal this and take your power back your twinflames heart chakra can’t open because both of you at the same time can not be in the divine feminine energy and on the divine feminine path of healing victim consciousness. Two victims will get nowhere.

If you are on the path of healing the divine masculine it is all about setting boundaries about how you will and will not be treated in relationships. As long as you let people treat you bad and not put up boundaries you stay stuck. If you are stuck your twinflame is stuck and can’t go any farther. Your twinflame is there for you to put up boundaries with. If you make excuses for them and let them treat you without anything but the upmost respect you don’t have proper boundaries.

I let this go on too long and let him disrespect me. I am like the mistake maker that figures it and completes it then tells you about my mistakes so you don’t make them. I then had enough and started to put up boundaries. It was ugly and painful but I did it. I had made his life so comfortable that he didn’t grow and we both stayed stuck. He also treated me with disrespect because I was essentially mothering him. No one wants to be with their mother. In fact most didn’t have a good mother image so putting yourself in that role makes it worse.

I then stepped back and put up firm boundaries. I actually left him alone and this was the best thing to do. When he was on his own he started to soul search because he was uncomfortable. When he didn’t have me around he started to take care of himself and become responsible for himself. Then we both started to progress on our journey much faster. I was using my mirror to reflect back healing to him and he healed faster and faster. He has done in a couple months what took me a couple years to do.

You can’t do your twinflames journey for them. They will never step into their power and become the leader they are supposed to become if you are hovering over them, waiting for them, taking care of them, or smothering them with your love. They will only become what they are supposed to become if they go through the fire like we did. You can be there for support, comfort, and guidance but you can’t do their work, you can’t heal their pain or their issues. That is work they have to do to learn how so they can help others by telling them how they did it. Your caretaking will hold them and you back on both your journey’s and neither of you will rise into your own personal power.

Twinflame relationships are all about the law of attraction. If you put out waiting energy you get back more waiting energy. If you take all that energy you put into your twinflame into you, your healing and your journey takes off. If you step back and allow them to work on themselves they will do the work. Throughout the journey every time you raise your vibration so his no longer matches. He has no choice but to raise his and that is how you heal each other. Every time I put up a boundary, raised my vibration by putting up a boundary and said I will no longer be treated this way I am done. He stepped back looked at his behavior, changed his behavior, and raised his vibration to meet mine again. When I had enough and left him, it caused him to change even faster. They want you and you are connected by energy, they aren’t going to leave you forever if you put a boundary up. He also has guides and angels just like you and they take care of him and work with him when you aren’t around. If you are around him all the time you are not giving them and him the space for this to happen. Back off and take care of you every time you do it reflects back on him. Don’t wait, don’t chase, step back and let them come to you and they will because you are connected by energy. Until you focus on you both of you will stay stuck. One clue of the purpose of your relationship is in your signs. I am a Cancer he is a Libra. I am about love, respect, and compassion. He is about inner peace and balance. I triggered him to find love, respect and compassion for others. He triggered me to find inner peace and balance inside myself.

Quiet down and spend time a part your guides want to guide you that’s why they are called guides. When you learn to connect with them they encourage you, they are like little cheerleaders just for you. If you can’t hear them yet, you will be able to the farther you go. If you are busy busy all the time you can’t hear them. Until you can communicate with them using telepathy. Use divination, I used tarot and the pendulum. This is how I built a relationship with them. I can now talk to them anytime I want with telepathy, sometimes I tell them I need a break and to be quiet because it is a constant flow of communication.

Most of all live by your intuition, then you are honoring the wisdom of your heart and following it. Go by feeling, if you dread something or feel depressed about it. That is the path of your ego.  If you are excited, passionate, and inspired you are on the path of your higher self.

Get rid of all the energy vampires and low vibrational people in your life. They drain you and lower your vibe. I always ask would this person do this for me if they were capable of it. If the answer is no. I don’t mess with that person. I told the universe what kind of people I want to come to me and that is what comes. The higher your vibe the higher vibe of people that are drawn to you. You don’t like your life or the people around you change you. If you raise your vibe everything around you has to do the same or drift away. You have compete and total control of you and your life. Once you realize this you start to live the life of your dreams. It’s all about the law of attraction. What you put out comes back to you. What you vibrate at comes to you. Everything has a vibe not just people, but situations and places do to. So does your dreams and desires and they can’t come to you until your vibe is high enough that they are drawn to you. That is how you manifest by raising your vibe to meet what you want. Raise yours and everything around you will change. You get in life what you vibrate at.

I am putting these blogs out fast because I can’t go onto my next journey until I put out the information that will help others get unstuck. My dream job is not blogging. I have a better one in mind and I am manifesting it fast. If the title has divine in it, it was channeled from the divine. If it doesn’t that is me.

Much Love and Blessings.

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