I write when guided to write. I am told what to write and given a channeled download about it before I do it. Seems like this subject is of the upmost importance because I was laying down resting when told to get up and write. This will upset some of you and that is ok with me. I don’t care if someone unfollows me, doesn’t like me, or leaves a negative comment. People have came in and out of my journey as many times as there are waves in the ocean. Doesn’t bother me at all. What I do care about is you, your health and you completing this journey successfully.

I am guided to clear up some myths about food. A few days ago after my last purge I suddenly came down with severe allergies to tree pollen that I haven’t had in years. I had purged so much and had not eaten enough that my energy bottomed out. When your energy level gets too low you become vulnerable to seasonal allergies and the ascension flu. You get the ascension flu when your energy bottoms out and is at a very low level. It isn’t the real flu but it can make you feel like you have the flu. I then worked to raise my energy and in a couple days they went away. It is a high vibe that protects you from these things. You will never get cancer or a deadly disease but you will get sick and have low energy. It takes a massive amount of energy to purge from the energy waves coming in. It’s not just solar and lunar energy anymore when you get so far in your journey you receive energy from all the other planets to help you purge. All this energy hits your subconscious and cause you to purge repressed emotions, thoughts that lead to negative thinking patterns, and at the end repressed memories.

What you have been told about fruits and vegetables being high vibrational and meat and dairy products are low vibrational is wrong. It’s not true. It’s the other way around.

A calorie is measured as a unit of energy. You can google this and it will tell you. Vegetables and fruits have low density and calories. 10 seconds of purging energy and all those veggies and fruits are gone, you are getting low energy from them. Meat and dairy products have high protein, more calories and more density so therefore higher levels of energy.

Asparagus 1 cup portion  10 calories

Broccoli 1 cup portion 15 calories

Zucchini 1 cup portion 40 calories

Milk 1 cup low fat 80-100 calories

Yogurt 1 cup 180 calories

Cheese 2 ounces 200 calories

Chicken 3 ounce portion 115 calories

Beef 3 ounce portion 200 calories

So the higher density and more calories, the more energy food has. The more energy the higher vibration that food has. Junk food and fast food don’t count as those are empty calories with no density.

We have a soul contract with animals to provide us with nourishment to get through our journey. Just as we have a soul contract to do this journey and heal ourselves then help others heal themselves. The massive amount of calories it takes to process this energy and purge is amazing. You may be able to pull it off being vegetarian with dairy. You won’t be able to pull it off being vegan. You have to have high calorie intake and high protein intake or you will get very very sick. Your energy will bottom out and you will get sick.

The best way to eat is to cook your own fresh food at home. Restaurants report calories and ingredients but that is a ball park figure. I was a chef after making a recipe a few times we have it down by memory. We don’t measure we throw everything together by eyeballing it. We would never get done with prep it we followed the recipe and measured everything. Restaurants and buying all ready made food is why people are overweight and unhealthy. To keep all ready made food fresh they add perspectives and additives which are very unhealthy to the human body.

I eat at home I cook everything I eat from scratch. This has enabled me to eat whatever I want and stay healthy and slim at 47 years old without any exercise. I eat cookies and cakes that I make myself. I eat a balanced diet of meat, dairy products, bread, pasta, veggies and fruit. I eat like a football player at least once a day with a heavy dense meal especially after a purge. After a purge your energy is low. I drink 3 gallons fresh spring water from an underground spring I drive to every few weeks and I drink about 2 to 3 gallons of vitamin D whole milk once a week. I don’t eat out and I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t take any vitamins, minerals, or supplements. I get everything from food. I once bought some Black Cohosh to help with night sweats the next day I broke out with painful hives. Rashes and hives let you know what to not put in your body. They are an allergic reaction. There are studies out now about how unhealthy these things are for your body and can actually cause organ damage. This diet is what got me through this journey healthy. The day my energy bottomed out I had not eaten well and I was dehydrated. I then had an allergy attack that lasted a couple days.

Animals suffer because of the conditions they are kept in by large corporations and that is something we will work to change after we finish. If we don’t eat them another animal will. All animals have predators they aren’t going to live forever. They are part of the food chain and so are we. They have a soul contract with the divine and with us to nourish us through this journey.

The amount of calories our human energy system needs to operate and to purge and process energy is about 5000 calories of whole healthy foods a day. Calories are a unit of energy and you need about 5000 a day to heal, process, and transmute energy that is coming to you daily now.

You can decide this for yourself it’s your journey and your body. How I make decisions now is by intuition. Your intuition is also divine guidance. How to use your intuition to make decisions is: If when making a decision you feel depressed, sad, or dreadful it is not the right decision and is the path of the ego. If you make a decision and feel passionate, driven, and inspired that is the path of your higher self. When you make decisions by using your intuition you are honoring the wisdom of your heart. Then you are firmly on your path to your higher self by following the wisdom of your heart. Your heart already knows this journey.

Food Is Energy. So putting the highest quality and healthiest energy into your body that you can will help keep your energy high. Not eating regularly is very harmful and will keep your energy low. I am not telling you how to eat. I am just giving you alternative information than you have been given, so you can make informed decisions about your health and your body.

Links to info: https://www.body-and-brain.com/food-portion-sizes.html

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Blessings and Love,