I have mentioned before the four bodies we have, physical, emotional, mental, and astral. The first three are self-explanatory but the astral body is mysterious and not really understood. The Kundalini process which is our life force chi energy that begins in our root chakra in the physical body and is the catalyst for our awakening, works through each of our four bodies, removing blocked energy and urging us to heal. It begins in the physical body, then the emotional, then the mental and lastly the astral body. After it finishes in a body that body is then integrated to the rest of the body. When this is finished we will be a fully healed and integrated human being, just like when we were born.

What Is An Astral Body?

Our astral body is our subconscious body and where our soul is located. We have to heal the physical, emotional, and mental bodies first for us to be able to heal the subconscious body or our soul. I am sure you have heard healing is like peeling back the layers of an onion. This is true and at the center of that onion is your soul. Your unhealed soul that contains all your pain, trauma, and life’s experiences. You are born with a completely healed and whole soul. You are born perfect and complete. Then life happens and imprints pain and trauma from our life experiences on our soul.

After you have gone through purging and healing the physical, emotional, and mental bodies you then come to your soul. This is work you must do a healer can’t do it for you. We can assist and guide you but we can’t heal it. Not even a shaman can heal your soul. We can do soul retrievals but if you haven’t done your own work. The soul will just fracture again. The original source of the trauma that caused the soul to fragment has to be healed by you.

How Do You Heal Your Soul?

You may have heard of it. I have but didn’t know what it was until all my unhealed pain and trauma hit me this last week. A wave of energy came through and exposed this area I didn’t even know about. I thought I healed it but this proved I hadn’t. I began to ask questions and search for answers. I was guided to shadow work. Shadow work is how we heal our soul. We have a shadow self that is located in our subconscious body.

What Is A Shadow Self?

Your Shadow Self is part of your soul. This shadow will affect your life and keep you from ever being fulfilled. You could have everything you ever wanted and not ever be truly be happy. This shadow contains everything we weren’t allowed to express or shamed for expressing during our childhood. Our shadow contains how we were programmed by our parents and/or other adults in our childhood. Children are impressionable and pick up these programs from adults in their life and we believe them unconsciously. Whatever caused us shame and harmed us as a child we reenact as an adult over and over and don’t know it. By age 7 we have developed our personality we will use in life. If those early years were full of pain and fear that is what is buried and hidden in your soul. Thus the shadow self is born. 

We have unconsciously repressed this shadow as it contains everything that makes us feel shame and not socially acceptable to us and others. Our inner child that was damaged in our childhood is part of our shadow self and crying out to be healed. It can’t talk to you outright so it surfaces wanting to be healed and loved. It especially surfaces during times of us being overwhelmed and stressed. We as adults can develop unhealthy coping mechanisms to quiet this inner child. When these coping mechanisms get out of control we develop addictions. Addictions in us cause us to separate from our soul. An addiction is something we put our time and energy in that against our best interests and keeps us from ever being healed and whole.

I am on my journey to healing my Shadow Self now. I am going to write about this journey and how to navigate it. This work has to be done and can’t be avoided anymore. These waves of energy that come in we have twice a week now are making sure of that. These waves of energy are going to everybody now and including the collective. This energy goes to your soul and reveals what is in your soul your shadow self.  This is happening to everyone on earth now. That is why it’s just not physical anymore, it is emotional, mental, and subconsciously too.

You may notice more childhood memories surfacing, trauma from past relationships, and any other situation you haven’t dealt with and processed the pain and emotions from. You may be dreaming about this kind of stuff more, dreams are our subconsciouses way of purging. As we know from all the purging we have done emotionally and mentally it is uncomfortable and it has to happen for us to heal. You can be proactive and start your shadow work now. You will have to do it anyway eventually and getting an early start will speed the process along. If you start your shadow work now you will have more control over the entire process.

I have been guided to making some changes. I quit my job as I could no longer resonate with it. I am going to devote my time and energy to guiding lightworkers on their journey.  I am still writing books and charging for them but these books will be more for the collective. I am devoting this blog and my Youtube channel exclusively to lightworkers. I can’t do the journey for you but I can greatly shorten it and make it easier. This way all the information is free. I will probably be redoing this blog and deleting many articles and restructuring this site. I will also be working on a website.

This article is the first in a series on shadow work. As I work through it I will blog about it. I will create a menu section just for shadow work. I also have a journal devoted just to shadow work. You may want to get started on one too, as this is work has to be done. What was apparent from all the emails you sent me that I greatly appreciate is, lightworkers had very traumatic childhoods and lives, so shadow work is going to be something we all have to do.

I am still processing what my Youtube channel will contain. I can tell you I will be doing weekly readings just for lightworkers as guidance. I will talk about the energies we will be facing that week, any challenges that come our way and how to navigate that energy and overcome the challenges we are facing. I will be doing other content but that is what I will start with. I really don’t feel completely ready for this but I was told to do it anyways and I will get more comfortable and better as I go along. I got through this journey by doing readings, using my pendulum, and learning as much as I could. I am done with the lightworker initiation now and am beginning the next phase of my journey. I now want to help and guide you through yours.

Love and Light.


I am a lightworker and energy healer and worker. I offer many types of healings and readings at reasonable prices. You can find the information on my blog at soulsisterstruth.com. You can email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com.