This last wave that came through on 12/10 was a doozie. It went to our pineal gland. This gland that is connected to our third eye, releases the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is what regulates our sleep and wake cycles. We also dream while we sleep. Dreams come from our subconscious. So the pineal gland and third eye are gateways to our subconscious.

We go through kundalini in each of our bodies. This lifeforce chi energy removes blocks when it moves through our bodies. It first goes through your physical, then emotional, then mental and lastly our astral bodies. Our astral body is also called our etheric or spiritual body. After our astral body is free of blocks. All four bodies will have fully integrated. Our astral body is our subconscious body. When you have kundalini chi energy in this body you will be working through and removing subconscious blocks. These blocks are what run and fuel our old programs. What feeds these blocks? Fear these blocks are fear based. We carry them through life and they run and feed our old programs.

My blocks I discovered yesterday when they were revealed to me, come from my childhood. These blocks and programs have been a continuous theme in my life. They are fear based and hold me back from the life I deserve. Children are impressionable. They are blank slates. I don’t believe that anyone is born bad. Someone once told me children learn what they live and I truly believe this. My childhood was full of lack and did not have any form of love in it. This is where I developed my blocks. I have healed it and realized my parents were only giving me the lessons I needed, but the programs were still running in my subconscious. Whenever something is revealed to me. I use it to develop something I can use for others. So I set out to find what common subconscious blocks are. Subconscious blocks are old programs that are running and affecting your current life. These programs run behind the scenes and tell us we deserve lack of something in our lives. The ones I have found so far are:

Abundance, money, and success.

Love, stability, safety, and happiness.

Learning and creativity.

These programs interfere with our intuition. Intuition is part of our subconscious body. These blocks create negative emotions and thinking and both of those block or inhibit our intuition.

The first step is figuring out what your subconscious blocks and old programs are. Mine are lack of love, stability, and safety. I had no love, stability, and safety in my childhood. I always felt uncared for, unloved, and unsafe. So my subconscious is still running these old programs. I knew something wasn’t right when all my synchronicities and channeling of information stopped. The old codependent me would immediately think I had done something wrong. I have healed my codependency a lot so my new way of thinking is “What am I supposed to learn from this?”. I then began to do some readings. I used the 9 of Pentacles reversed as my significator. As this is the card that repeatedly represents me and since it was reversed it would show me what was wrong. I then build a ten card spread around it. The card that kept popping up was the High Priestess reversed. I then took that card and made it my significator. I built a 10 card spread around that card and the information I wanted was clear. I had subconscious blocks and programs. After a few readings with me picking my significator, I had my answers and my blocks were revealed to me. I was programmed to think I would always have a lack of love, safety, and security in my life. I also realized that even though I have a life that is now safe, stable, and full of love. I still expect lack. I went and bought a car. This depleted my savings. I had to spend a good chunk of money and I always have a program of lack running that says “This is it! This is all the money you will ever have”. It sends me into a panicked spiral of negative emotions and thinking that isn’t even true. I no longer have any lack but I am always thinking and feeling subconsciously like I do.

So the first step is finding what your subconscious blocks are, then you can work on healing them. Right now I am doing meditation and mantras. I just repeat “There is no lack in my life, there is only abundance”. I also found a mediation from Steve Noble that I like. You work through each body and release the energy. Here is the link:

Something else happened with the 12/10 wave. Our twinflames were fully activated. We were patient and let them do their own thing on their journey. We waited for them to catch up to us. We were supportive and patient with them always. We then started to think maybe it would never happen and they would just stay the same. Some of us had maybe even thought we may have to leave them behind as they were not growing with us. Then the 12/10 wave came through and it was a game changer. My twinflame had chest pains and trouble breathing. I knew that it was his heart chakra being activated but he was so distressed and upset that I started to worry. We eventually ended up in the emergency room. After all the tests were done nothing was wrong. It was from heart chakra activation. The ER said heartburn and gave him medicine. We went home and he rested. The next day he started acting different and he kept saying “Something is wrong and something is going on. I just don’t know what it is”. He also started to talk about keeping his energy clear and the energy around him clear of negative energy. This raised my eyebrows as he never talks like this. He also bought a 12 pack of beer that he hasn’t touched. I asked him about the beer and he said: “Dawn that isn’t even in the picture now”.

I was working through my subconscious blocks yesterday and feeling heavy and worn out. He then said my aura was messed up and I should take an epson salt bath. He knew I was working through some heavy childhood stuff and could use the bath. You could knock me over with a feather. This isn’t my man. My man only talks about sports and drinks beer. He is never this deep. I have never felt so supported by any man before as I did at this moment. He has been fully activated and is starting to step up as my spiritual partner he always was supposed to be. Finally, I can share my spiritual life with him. He gets it. The jumping back and forth from 3D to 5D and back. That has been the dynamic of our relationship is over. He has gone fully 5D. I can see why we were partnered together now. I am excited about our future together. He is going to be a great partner.

I also noticed while journaling that I always get a new tarot deck when kundalini chi energy enters a new body. I just received my new one today. I have been using certain decks with each stage. These are the decks I recommend.

When I was in kundalini in my emotional body. I used the Nicolleta Cerccoli deck. This deck brings up emotions in the cards.

When I was in kundalini in my mental body I used the Steampunk deck by Barbra Moore. This deck is all about the mind, thinking, and digging up the mental processes.

My new deck that just arrived is The Book of Shadows Tarot by Barbra Moore. It has 2 decks and a book. One deck represents So Below or our lower self. The second deck represents As Above or our higher self. You use both decks together. This deck is going to be the one I use for my shadow work in uncovering and healing my subconscious blocks and old programs. I also purchased the Energy Oracle cards by Sandra Anne Taylor to help assists The Book of Shadows deck.

I do use a pendulum also for precise answers but the tarot digs up stuff I didn’t even know to give me the big picture. All divination is accessing information from our higher self. They are tools that bridge the lower and higher self. As all, we need to know is in our higher self and we just need to find a way to access that information. I highly recommend doing some sort of divination or having someone else as it has helped me immensely through my ascension.

Lots of Love and Light,