We have another big energy wave coming in again. It started this morning and is intensifying. This wave of energy is going to our pineal glands.  So this will be affecting our third eye. You could have headaches or sharp pains in the forehead. You can be experiencing brain fog and/or confusion. I had a hard time driving this morning. I also woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all after 7 hours of sleep.
The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone. So this energy will either make you very sleepy and just plain tired or energized and hyper. I am feeling exhausted. I am emotionally and mentally exhausted but I feel calm and peaceful.
The last week has been intense twinflame and relationship work. All this was heart chakra and high heart chakra related. Some of you may have had some intense chest pains or tightening and heavy feeling in this area also heartburn and acid reflux is common. This probably brought you some major healing but feeling tired and drained is how this work from last week and this current energy wave can leave you feeling. As we are used to burning up hot when these waves come. It has switched up to being cold, bone cold and unable to get warm. Hot showers and epson salt baths will help with this.
As a first waver I feel and hear this first, it will start for second wavers probably tomorrow and third wavers, then the collective Wednesday. This energy will last 3 to 4 days and go all the way to the collective. 
This energy has been starting and stopping the last few days. It then started full blast this morning about 11am EST.

I know the last week and a half has been intense. There was also major interference and diversions from the dark. The diversions come in the form of an illusion that you must see through. The interference has been in the form of messing with our intuition, divination, and channeling. Especially if you are helping others and seeing clients. You can get channeled messages that are off and our forms of divination can be suppressed and thrown off with negative energy. I have a system where I double and triple check information. I also cleanse my pendulums and tarot decks daily. If you use tarot or oracle cards. Think about using a pendulum to check the readings, deks, and messages. Anything can be used as a pendulum that is on a string or chain and is pointed.  If you use a pendulum check with your cards. A system of an upright card for clear and reversed card for not lear works. If something feels off or doesn’t resonate check it with another method. I know when most of my cards in a reading are reversed my cards have been messed with. I use a chart of percentages to check if my pendulum is 100% accurate. I also use the same chart to check my intuition. If you are giving readings or channeled messages. I would implement a way to check my methods as we can’t be giving out false information to those that depend on us. I also have been having someone else give me readings to check those against my own. I found a very good reader and I don’t mind sharing her if anyone needs one. One of the tricks of the dark is to divert your attention to some crisis in your life to take your energy and attention away from your work in helping others. This will be an illusion but if your methods of obtaining information are messed with to feed into the illusion, it can seriously throw you off.

If you channel and feel that something is off with whoever you are channeling. If you feel there is interference just tell whoever you are channeling that only divine beings can communicate with you and if they are not they must leave. They have to leave if you say this. You can also do this before divination. Only divine energy and beings can communicate with me during this session.

Take care and much love.


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a lightworker, shaman, energy healer.  I offer energy healing sessions and give clairvoyant and clairaudient Archangel and Ascended Master readings just email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com if you are interested. Please check out my blog at soulsistertruth.com.