I have the most annoying ascension symptom yet and I have had many. My whole head is ringing because I can hear the energy going in my crown chakra. It has been like this since 7am EST and it is now 9:50pm. This is solar energy still coming in at night. I have no idea how I will sleep tonight. I don’t think this energy will let up.. My guide says it isn’t going to. Maybe it is the poles switching. which is, in my opinion, the event.  This isn’t a fact just the conclusion I have come to. I know it must be a gift to hear energy but it isn’t yet.

On the bright side, I had an awesome session today. I had a light language session today. I actually had one done on me and it was awesome! Over the phone, a lady spoke light language to me for about a half hour. It was like a massage with energy. I felt energy lift off my throat and solar plexus. Then I felt the energy all over my body down to my feet. It was amazing. I don’t think this lady is accepting clients yet but she should. I highly suggest if you know someone that can speak light language to try this. It was one of the most amazing healings I have had. I am also going to go sit in a Himalayan salt room tomorrow. I even talked my still disbelieving twinflame into going with me.

My point is to practice self-care. This is very important with the energy not stopping. Also, eat, eat whatever you want and as much of it. This energy burns a lot of calories. Your body is constantly burning calories so replace them. Now is not the time to deprive yourself of anything.

Many lightworkers may have moved recently. Many of you may have had to move home with your parents or someplace you don’t want to be. This is part of the journey. I had to move home too. I lived there for 3 years and just recently got my own place. I think there are a couple reasons for this. I think you are being kept safe. I also think that nothing will help you heal your childhood faster, then living with the people that messed you up. I did a lot of childhood healing living with my family. I know you have lost everything. I did too. I lost my career, my fiance and my home, all within a couple months.

Ascension/ kundalini which is the same thing. Tears down your 3D life, your body, your emotions, and your, mental thinking. All this low dimension energy has to go, so higher dimensional energy can replace it. You then build it back up to a higher dimension with higher dimensional energy. I did lose everything but what I gained back was worth it. I now have a better life, a better job, relationship, and home. I also am a balanced and healed person. I was a mess before I awakened. I was stuck in negative thinking. I was a codependent Cancer. I had no control over my emotions. I was anxious, depressed, on psychiatric medicine that didn’t work. I now have complete control over my thinking,  energy, and emotions. No medications for 3 years now. I also am happier and much healthier. You will have a high dimensional life when this process is over. I absolutely promise you all will be given back and even more.

Love and Light,


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a lightworker/shaman/energy healer. You can email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com. Please visit my blog soulsisterstruth.com.