I wrote in my last blog about the different groups or waves of volunteers and how we are working with different chakras in the kundalini process. I wrote 3 meditations, it is ok to work ahead and do all the chakras. It could never hurt you to do this and probably improve your energy flow. These meditations work with intentions. We can really do a lot for ourselves just using intentions. Lightworkers are natural manifesters so our intentions are powerful. We also have to learn to take care of ourselves and our energy. It is very easy to become ungrounded with all these intense waves of energy coming in daily. When you chakras are cleared and balanced you are naturally grounded. Staying grounded is very important in this ascension process.

This meditation is for those in emotional kundalini after having completed the physical kundalini. After we finish physical kundalini and have mastered our physical energy and the 7 major chakras. After you finish emotional kundalini you will have much more control over your emotions. These chakras are Soulstar, Zeal point, Earthstar, High Heart, and God’s mouth. After physical kundalini, these chakras descend and overlay our 7 major ones. We still keep the 7 major chakras these higher chakras (which were located outside our body) descend as we ascend. So you will still clear the 7 major ones plus these. The root and crown always stay the same, these 5 chakras overlay the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, and third eye.

I have also added the feet and hand chakras to this mediation. I have found a feet chakras closed on quite a few people as this energy coming in is intense. When they are closed you can feel as though you have restless leg syndrome and leg pain. Energy comes up our feet chakras so them being closed can cause all sorts of energy problems. Hand chakras can become blocked and closed this will cause pain in your hands that can travel up your arm. Hand and feet chakras must be open to have a continuous flow of energy in your body. As your energy just stops flowing and gets clogged up in your energy system if either of these are closed.


Energy Cleansing and Balancing Exercise for 5 Higher Chakras, Feet, And Hand Chakras

Find a sacred space and get comfortable. You can play meditation music, binaural beats, or just a relaxing background noise. Get in your pose that you use for meditation. Add Candles, incense, crystals etc. Whatever you feel will assist you in your cleansing and clearing.

Set your intention to clear and release all negativity, attachments, blockages, and debris. Also, set the intention for all cleared and released energy to go to the light.

Repeat your intention to clear and release 3, 6, or 9 times, until you feel the energy begin to release. Clearing energy from your chakras balances them. End each clear and release intention sentence with the word Now. The word Now sets the intention and lets the energy carry out the intention.

I can clear and release all energy from my feet chakras Now.

I can clear and release all energy from my hand chakras Now.

I can clear and release all energy from my Earth Star chakra Now.

I can clear and release all energy from my  Zeal Point chakra Now.

I can clear and release all energy from my High Heart chakra Now.

I can clear and release all energy from my Soul Star chakra Now.

I can clear and release all energy from my  God’s Mouth chakra Now.

These are your 5 higher chakras that you will want to start clearing if you feel you have mastered your 7 major chakras. You still have to clear the 7 major ones just add these 5 higher ones to the process.

Clearing and balancing your chakras automatically grounds you. If you want while sitting in meditation pose you can imagine roots coming from your root chakra to the middle of the earth. This will ground your energy to the earth. I would do this clearing and releasing exercise everyday or anytime you feel unbalanced.

Love and Light,


My name is Dawn Bailey I am a lightworker/shaman/energy worker and healer. My email is dawnbailey7771@gmail.com my blog is soulsisterstruth.com please visit the about page for info.