When I talk about the 3 groups we are in. I am getting the information from Dolores Cannon’s book ” The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth”. She calls them waves. I call them groups because we have daily energy waves and it can be confusing. This is an excellent book and I highly suggest reading it.

The reason why you may have finished kundalini 2 years ago and are going through it again is we have 4 body’s that this energy is working on or going to work on. I am on my third body the mental body (2018), as I have gone through kundalini/ ascension through my physical body (2016) and emotional body (2017).  You finish with a body after you have mastered that energy. I finish emotional kundalini/ascension after I mastered my emotions. I will finish mental kundalini/ascension after I master my mental body and thinking. I am at my third eye on my mental body so I am almost done. After that, I go through kundalini/ascension with my astral body.  I have no idea that will entail yet but will let everyone know. I am sure there probably is more bodies that I don’t know about yet but I do know about these four.

I am going to explain the energy coming into each group. Keep in mind this energy only applies to the day I wrote this blog. It will change tomorrow. It is 11/15 today and it is 10:50am EST as I write this. I have an energy updates page on Facebook but they have made it that the posts don’t get out even if you follow the page. They want us to pay $15 dollars a post to boost it and if we don’t our posts don’t go out. You might have to actually go to the page for updates.

Group 1 is going through Mental Kundalini 3rd Eye
They could be Having trouble focusing mentally (brain fog) a loss of direction, or being disconnected.

Group 2 Emotional Kundalini Solar plexus chakra
Maybe feeling angry, doubting yourself and abilities, burned out, powerless, and low self-esteem. You may also have a bubbly feeling in solar plexus, diarrhea, and gas.

Group 3 Physical Kundalini Sacral Chakra
Feeling a lot of pressure around the sacral chakra, urinating frequently, constipation or diarrhea. Maybe an increased or decreased sex drive.

Might feel it as soon as you wake up and the energy lasting until late afternoon to early evening.

This energy changes daily and tomorrow will be going to another chakra.

I do have something else to say. I watched a video by Veronica Jean-Louis called Hater’s Are Going To Hate and it really bothered me as I am going through the same thing. Not on my blog all my subscribers are great. I have read comments on videos and it disturbs me. I am a forerunner/first waver not because I am better than anyone. It is because I have been through this already and can give you information to know what is happening to you. When forerunners/firstwavers went through what you are going through now. We went through it alone. The information that we needed wasn’t talked about. In fact, if I mentioned psychic attacks to a spiritual person. I was immediately told it was my fault and I was doing something wrong. This happened so much. I stopped reaching out and just isolated myself in my room for a year and googled trying to find out what is going on with me.

When I began my journey I had an energy healer I paid a $100 a week to for sessions for 4 months. I then ran out of money but had learned tarot and the pendulum. Between google, the tarot and my pendulum I taught myself everything I know. I taught myself how to heal myself and now I use that to heal others. This is how I learned to control what was happening to me. Many people are going to healer after healer because of psychic attacks. They think it’s the healer fault they are still attacked and it wasn’t the right healer and go to another healer. It’s not the healer it’s you. All lightworkers must know how to transmute the energy they are attacked with. It is part of our mission. Your higher self  has all the information you need to learn this. You just have to access that information. It is in your DNA. I accessed mine through mediation, the tarot and the pendulum.

I am a lightworker/shaman/energy healer and worker/tarot and pendulum reader/intuitive psychic. Just because the word lightworker is in there people think that everything I do should be for free. I was doing donations for my services. Until it started to be abused. Three times in a row I was treated badly this told me the system wasn’t working anymore. I now have set fees. I did free work sometimes until I was treated horribly by someone. Now I won’t if I use my energy to help you. I charge a very low fee. I have free information all over the facebook, youtube and my blog. I was disrespected repeatedly the last week. People telling me they can’t pay me or can only give me a few dollars because they were going out on a girl’s night to party with friends and needed their money for that or I can’t pay you I am going to buy a bottle of vodka after talking to you. If alcohol or partying is more important to you than your spiritual health. Then a healing session will do you no good, you are not ready yet. Your priorities are still messed up.

When it comes to energy I can clear it. I had a new client that has never had energy healing before. She booked me and an Emotion Code session the next day. When she went to her emotion code session. The healer said this has never happened before. My client said “What?” The healer said I have never had someone come in with completely clear and balanced chakras before. My client called to tell me and booked future sessions. I also can clear thoughts and emotions now from those going through the ascension energies, mental and emotional kundalini. So my sessions completely clear everything off you. I can stop an attack and remove everything from an attack and heal you. But if you are a lightworker you will be attacked again until you learn to transmute energies.

Back to the Hater’s are going to Hate. Please quit treating your forerunners/firstwavers like crap. If you don’t like a video or blog just quit reading or watching and move on. If it don’t apply let it fly. Leaving nasty comments that we are crazy, insane or worse is not necessary. Just because it hasn’t happened to you yet doesn’t mean it never will. It just means it isn’t your path or it just hasn’t happened to you yet as we are divided into groups. What happens to group 1 and group 2 hasn’t reached group 3 yet. We aren’t crazy and we aren’t lying. Being called crazy doesn’t doesn’t bother me as that has happened to me my whole life. I have built up a thick skin to it.

What does bother me is that people that are new to this read those comments. They may decide this isn’t for them look how nasty “spiritual” people are to each other and go back to sleep. Plus your nasty comment will come back on you as in karma. Karma is about how you treat people and make them feel. Those comments don’t affect me but they affect others that are watching a video or reading a blog. This karma will come back to you 3 times as what you put out. The universe will spank you for it. We are supposed to act better than the collective because they will need us very very soon. If they see us being nasty to each other and judging each other. They might as well go back to what they were leaving and quit searching. We are supposed to set an example. Nasty comments are energy and it is negative energy. When you put negative energy out like that. You are undoing the energy work we have been doing that is making a difference. The magnetic poles are in the process of switching. This is because of our work as we are made of magnetic energy. Please stop with the nastiness. If I don’t agree with something I read or watch. I just stop. I don’t leave a comment about how they are insane, crazy or don’t know what they are talking about. Those comments don’t affect me they affect those around you. You are working off your karma so don’t bring more upon yourself.

Many forerunners/firstwavers gave up good jobs, money, relationships, homes etc. To go through experiences so we can tell you what is going to happen to you. Trust me there was no one to tell us and we went through it alone. Please start treating them with respect, if you can’t do that just don’t be nasty. You are just making your journey even harder than it already is.

Thank you for your emails. I read every one of them. Your stories touched my heart. I will be putting some of them in my book. I will change names and any identifying information. I do think these stories will help a great many other lightworkers. I will be individually emailing you if I use your story.

As I said I have no problem with my blog. My followers are all great. I thank you for reading and your support and encouragement.

Lots of Love and Light,


My name is Dawn Bailey I am a lightworker/shaman/ energy healer. My email is dawnbailey7771@gmail.com my blog is soulsisterstruth.com go to the about page for information to find free information on social media.