The attacks by the Draconians that I experienced last Monday began on you last night. The 11/11 energy unleashed this dark energy on the rest of you. I had many people contact me for removal of implants. That weren’t implants they were Draconians and the energy they use against us. They are very painful like implants and can be confused.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like something was drilling me in the side of the head and my ear. They like to go for the ear usually the left one. It will feel like and intense ear ache and pressure. The energies that they have been using are: a creature like a centipede called a cellipede and a green snake (this you can feel moving). These creatures leave eggs and astral slime behind. This energy is more painful with sharp stinging pain, than the usual dark energy. If you can see energy this will all be bright neon green in color.

I have also been contacted by people who have had some scary situations. This happened to me but no longer does. To lower your vibration the attacks can come in a physical way. I have had objects thrown at me, even in public places. I was never hit, it always missed me. It is meant to startle you and scare you. I have also been shoved in the back really hard causing me to fall. Once on a sheet of ice and another time when I was standing on a chair. I fell hard both time but was caught before I hit the ground. I was never hurt not a scratch or a bruise. All this activity is meant to scare you, that is all it is. Once I no longer was scared and just acted like it was normal. It stopped happening. Nothing can hurt you ever. It can only scare you. My daily bible verse to my phone this morning was:

Luke 10:19

I have given you the authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will ever harm you.

This is true and about us. I think I was meant to share it with you. So never ever be scared or have fear. We are protected at all times from any physical harm.

I do have a favor lightworker’s. Just a few questions. If you could email me the answers. I would appreciate it. I will save everyone’s email that replies and when my first book is done send you a free preview copy.

1. How was your childhood? Did you feel like a stranger in your family and like you didn’t belong.
2. Did you feel singled out throughout your life by bullies and abusers? Like they were drawn to you?
3. Did you grown up around a religion but always knew it was wrong.

4. Did you suffer from additions that you were able to overcome?
5. What were your biggest challenges and obstacles that you were able to overcome? drug abuse, self healing, codependency etc
6. What do you need help with the most on your journey?

7. Have you always felt like a target?

8. When did you realize you were different from everyone else and/or figured out you were a lightworker

9. Have you ever been able to be successful in a career?

Thank you my email is

Lots of Love,


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