This will be a short post as my back is hurting pretty bad.

11/11 has started. I am feeling the energy already.

We are divided into 3 groups 4 if you count the collective.

The energy going to group 1 you will probably feel in the middle of your back behind your heart chakra.
Group 2 you will probably be feeling this energy close to your throat chakra it can even be felt on the back of your neck and head. You may get a headache that starts on the back of you neck where it meets your head. A dry cough can happen too.
Group 3 you will probably be feeling this energy in your solar plexus chakra or behind it. You may have the bubbly feeling again, could have diarrhea, and stomach cramps.
The collective will be put in kundalini/ascension some more. Expect them to be acting angry, impatient etc. As they don’t know what is happening to them.

This energy will be very intense tomorrow. If you can stay home I suggest you do. I will be staying home tomorrow. As the collective can be angry and out of sorts. There could be increased road rage incidents or worse.

Right now we are receiving lunar energy to these chakras preparing them for tomorrow. You can be feeling this energy now.

Try and pay attention where you feel this energy and that will let you know what group you are in.

Hang in there!

Love Dawn

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a lightworker/shaman/energy worker & healer. You can email me at out my blog at check out the about page to find me on social media.