Sorry about the title and the cussing, but I have to really express myself here. If anyone needs to share this article and feels uncomfortable about the cursing. You have my permission to change the cuss words. I just want the info out there.

I have figured out what is going on finally. I do want to apologize if I have misinformed anyone. It is hard to figure out channelings and downloads sometimes as the info comes so fast. I do give it to you the best I can. I will probably be deleting some articles that are no longer relevant. I will be devoting this blog to lightworkers and my website to the newly awakened that are just beginning their journey.

When I was writing about lightworkers staying behind to help the collective and starseeds going home. That was in dimensions. Not two separate earths. The new earth is here and we will be building it. It has to be torn down first so it can be built back up. When I say torn down I am talking systems and structures, that don’t work for us. We are becoming high dimensional beings and the new earth has to become high dimensional too.

It started Monday we had a huge solar wave come in and the energy will be here until Wednesday. You will receive it depending on where you are located. I received it Monday morning. I wasn’t prepared for what happened. I haven’t been attacked like that since 2015. It was like my shamanic initiation all over again. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. I was wrong that I was protected now. I had just jumped to a timeline and/or dimension, where no attacks exist and you feel blissfully wonderful and happy all the time. I got to stay there for 2 weeks and then I came back down to this timeline. So I can tell you a great place awaits us, but we must go through this first.

Monday was horrible. I was brutally attacked for 8 hours straight nonstop. The worst attack I have ever experienced. I was attacked so bad I was physically hurt. I had pulled muscles all down my back and in my neck from defending myself. I am healed now but it took 2 days. I actually had to have help from a friend and finally the archangels healed me the rest of the way tonight.

This is what they are doing. First of all the big dogs have joined in. Everybody thought it was the archons but it is not. Archons are nothing compared to the Draconians. When they attack it hurts really bad. They open portals around you and attack relentlessly. They also throw an astral slime on you that hurts too. Draconians are neon green if you can see them. I can feel them and it is painful. So being surrounded by open portals the energy comes at you so fast you can’t keep up with it. I would close the portals everything would calm down and new portals would open. This only ended when the solar energy ended. I pulled all my muscles because they were twitching from the attack and I was trying to pull the energy off.

What it means about the 144,00 staying behind for the collective to assist them?

While everyone else is getting chakra upgrades and kundalini/ascension energy  (that I got and others the winter of 2017). Lightworkers get attacked and are supposed to transmute the energy during the solar energy that is helping others ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness. We stay in the lower dimension and take all that negative energy that would otherwise be attacking them.

Why does the negative energy come for a lightworker?

When this energy hits the earth it is pure solar energy. It goes to all the dimensions. The animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and all humans on earth. In the very lowest dimension of consciousness is where all the dark horrible energy resides. If you are into the Tree of Life this is below the bottom sphere (the bottom sphere is the 3rd dimension). Below the bottom sphere is what is called the Qlippoth. The Quippoth is where all the “empty shells” reside. This realm is below the human realm. Buddhists call it the world of hungry ghosts, animals, and demons. The only human beings at this level are those that are spiritually dead and/or broken. This is a level of consciousness that a humans’ consciousness can go to. This would be where there is no hope spiritually for that person anymore. All the dark energy resides in this level or dimension. This is also what christians call hell. It is a dimension of consciousness not an actual place you go. So when this solar energy hits this level of consciousness the dark energy can’t take it. The dark energy then heads for the light. It can’t actually go to the light on it’s own, so it heads for a lightworker. Lightworkers hold the light that is why we are called lightworkers. The dark energy is giving up and it goes to a lightworker to be transmuted so the lightworker can send it to the light. The problem is many lightworkers don’t know how and we have run out of time. There is no way I can train enough lightworkers in sessions. I know about and can transmute around 75 different kinds of negative energies that attack lightworkers. I work with 10 different types of energies that remove these negative energies. It took me 4 years to learn this and I am still learning of new ones. There is no way I can explain this or teach someone in hour long sessions. It is impossible. First of all most lightworkers are in survival mode and have been all their lives. Survival mode is guaranteed to keep your vibration low and that is exactly why the dark conspires to keep us there and targets us. So there is no way I can teach how to raise your vibration and transmute 75 different energies in hour long sessions. All I can do for now is defend and stop the attack if a lightworker contacts me. That is only if they happen upon my blog or a video.

The only solution I can think of is to write a lightworker manual or handbook and teach lightworkers this way. Put it on Amazon Kindle as a cheap ebook. Lightworkers are spread out all over the world. This is the only way I can think of to reach them. Most people have heard of Amazon and can get to it.This will take sometime. I will write it in increments and put it out a chapter at a time. I will also have to work my 3D job 3 nights a week and see clients as this is how I pay my bills and survive. It will have to be done and get done someway. Metatron has made it clear this is how he wants it. Only after I agreed did he send the archangels to heal me. I am completely healed thanks to them. If anyone out there has a better idea how to reach lightworkers that are spread out around the world and teach them when not all of them speak English as a first language. I have been seeing my nonenglish speaking clients on gmail which translates our emails. If anyone has another idea please email me and let me know. There is not much time left. I hope Monday was just a preview to me so I would understand the situation and tell you. That would give us a little bit more time but not much. We will know next Monday when this energy hits again.

Hope I didn’t scare the crap out of you but I am scared too.

Lots of Love Brothers and Sisters,


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