The energy the last 2 days has been intense. It is strong solar energy coming to our chakras again, yesterday November 1st was our solar plexus upgrade. I have started a Facebook page with energy updates as I feel them. Here is my post from yesterday.

November 1st

Today we had solar energy going to our solar plexus chakra. This energy started last night so you probably woke up not feeling well. No it wasn’t what you ate last night for dinner. While this energy is upgrading your solar plexus. You could be feeling a bubbly feeling in your solar plexus. Running to the bathroom going a lot. Nauseous, stomach cramps, bloated, tired, diarrhea, and gassy. This will get better as soon as the energy passed. I woke up to it at 7am and it ended around 3:30pm EST. Then energy started before 7am but I slept through it. You can also have emotional and/or mental symptoms associated with the solar plexus. Solar plexus has to do with self-confidence, personal power, self-esteem. and your identity. You may not feel very powerful today. You may be doubting past or present decisions. You may be doubting your skills or abilities. Not feeling confident in yourself. You could also be releasing feelings of anger, self-doubt, powerless, or burned out and tired. All this should pass when the energy lets up.

Here is my post from today November 2nd:

We have solar energy going to our crown chakra and it was in our third eye earlier. The symptoms for the third eye were forehead pressure and head ache starting from the back of the head. Symptoms of the crown is pressure on top of head and headache from the side or top of head. I feel lots of pressure and activity on the top of my head right now. Emotions from when it is in your third eye can be fear, paranoia, loss of direction and/or being disconnected. Emotions when it is in your crown chakra can be brain fog, confusion, disconnection, depression, limiting beliefs, and/or apathy. You may also be having insomnia. This energy started this morning again and should be letting up soon.

Here is a link if you would like to follow my updates:


I wanted to start a page to let you know what is going on with energy coming to earth. This energy comes to earth and changes your body. It changes your body into a crystalline body when you go through what is called kundalini. After you finish kundalini you then receive solar energy that upgrades your crystalline body. After your crystalline body is finished. You will feel healthier than you ever had in your adult life. You body will function like it never has before. In the meantime you are probably not feeling that great sometimes. If we connect and share what we are going through. It will let others know they aren’t alone.

I also pulled a tarot card for the day and it’s energy. I pulled Temperance

Today’s energy is all about Temperance.

The meaning of this card is: The right thing at the right time in the right place. What this means is perfect balance.
Temperance is nothing more and nothing else less that perfection.
Perfection, like “truth”, is not an absolute. It varies according to the situation and the moment. You don’t attain perfection. Perfection is not something you achieve. Perfection is maintained. Being perfect is to be in constant motion, for you must adjust to the ever-changing currents of life in a perpetual balancing act. The key to this is being sensitive to the universe. The more aware you are of everything that is going on around you and the better you understand how energy flows and reacts, the easier it is to move through life with grace. The girl on the card is completely in her body, centered and calm. One foot on the earth, and one in the water. She levitates disks in the air. She wears the sign of fire. She is bringing about balance to all 4 elements. She is winging with her crown chakra illuminated. Although grounded, she also maintains a clear connection with the divine through her crown chakra. Because of all this balance she has maintained. She is poised to be in the right place at the right time and is guaranteed to do the right thing. This is the perfect balance of Temperance.
This is a card of peace and grace. You achieve this when you are in perfect control of yourself rather than being controlled by events.
After yesterday’s energy it is time to balance ourselves.
I drew a tarot card from my Steampunk deck. I asked what the energy was for everybody today.

This energy that while it can cause us to suffer. Is bringing about Temperance. It will be worth it in the end.


Lots of Love and Light