We have been going through a lot this month. After the ascension flu which is your lightbody being upgraded. You then begin to go through intense chakra upgrades from solar flares. I felt them on October 23rd and 25th last week we have them again today October 30th so expect another one around November 1st. If you aren’t having physical symptoms with every solar flare. You will be having mental or emotional symptoms with each flare. When I went through this in the winter of 2017 but I had breaks in between the solar flares. There aren’t breaks anymore everything is speeding up. This is happening twice a week or more now.

What Solar Flares Do To Each Chakra

When solar flares are opening up your root charka. You may feel a shooting pains in your legs. You bones may also be achy. Mentally you may be processing emotions about money, your job, or/and your home life. The emotions you may feel would be anxiety, unsafe or insecure in your life. You could feel exhausted or tired for no reason.

When they are opening your sacral chakra you will be running to the bathroom frequently. Sometimes you may feel like you should just live in your bathroom during this time. You may also have an increased or decreased sex drive all of a sudden. You may be processing emotions about your relationships past or present. The emotions you may feel could be grief, regret, loneliness, abandonment, and/or childhood trauma.

When they are opening your solar plexus you may be feeling a bubbly feeling in this chakra. You could also be having stomach cramps and diarrhea. It is a lot like the stomach flu or food poisoning but only lasts a few hours and then you are completely better. The emotions you could be processing would have to do with confidence in yourself. So you may be doubting decisions you made, doubting yourself and your abilities, and generally not feeling very confident in yourself. You could be feeling emotions of anger, self doubt, burned out, powerless, and low self esteem issues.

When they are opening your heart chakra you may feel sharp shooting or pulling pains in this area. You also could have heartburn or a feeling of heartburn coming on. You could be processing emotions of not loving yourself, being critical of yourself, and judgmental towards yourself. You may be feeling sadness, unlovable, jealous, lonely, and fear.

When they are working on your throat chakra. You could be having acid re-flux, coughing, clearing of throat, sneezing, and not able to communicate your feelings properly. You could be processing emotions of not being heard, not being able to speak your truth, or feeling ignored when you speak by those around you. You may be feeling shy, ignored, fear of speaking, and not listened to.

When they are working on your third eye you may be having forehead and temple pressure, a shooting pain that lasts seconds in the third eye area, it could be hard to focus your eyes or they may twitch and/or intense headaches that start at the back of your head. You maybe seeing things out of the corner of your eye, intense dreams, you may feel stuck and experiencing illusions such as paranoia. You may be feeling emotions of frustration, loss of direction,  and being disconnected.

When they are working on your crown chakra. You could be feeling intense head pressure especially on the top of your head and/or a  headache that is coming from the top or the sides of the head or forehead, and migraines. You may be having brain fog, confusion, and/or disconnection. You may be feeling emotions of depression, limiting beliefs, and apathy. Insomnia is common also.

After this is done your chakras will be more open and energy flowing through them more smoothly. I let someone that is just learning energy healing check my chakras at work. He was surprised he said he had never felt someone’s energy flow through them so uninterrupted like they were joined together. That is how yours will be. One column of smooth flowing connecting energy. If you are experiencing solar flares you should be done with kundalini. These will just be upgrades to the lightbody you got from going through kundalini. This energy can be adjusted through energy healing if the symptoms become to much for you.

As I said these solar flares are happening multiple times a week and correspond to increased activity on the Schumann Resonance.

You can check out the Schumann Resonance here https://www.disclosurenews.it/en/schumann-resonance-today-update/

Lots of Love and Light,


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a lightworker/shaman/energy healer. You can email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com or check out my blog at soulsistertruth.com.