I began to feel the symptoms October 2nd, by the next day I was sick in bed with the ascension flu. I know it was from ascension because I wasn’t really sick just felt sick. I could not get out of bed and my vibration was very low. I then started watching the news and got sucked into what was going on with politics. I then because of my very low vibe got into an argument with someone due to being triggered. After all this my vibration was so low all I could do was think about how bad I felt. I thought of this all the time until I had no energy and I started complaining to anyone that would listen. I then realized this is how a lot of humans feel all the time and it sucks!

After 26 days of this, yesterday I had enough! I started to think I have felt like this before. In 2014 I could not stand smells. I banned all perfumes, carpet fresheners, incense and laundry detergents with a strong smell and it was happening again. I was sensitive to smells again! This was an energy problem I have been through before when I was ascending the first time. Last time I went to an energy healer this time I was going to have to heal myself. I started searching for answers and I found some. I knew I had never had the ascension flu for that long before and something else was going on. I started with a tarot spread. Sure enough my first card was 7 of Swords. This is the card that always shows up with the dark is messing with me. Foundation card was Temperance. Yep I was off balance and it was because of energy. My present card was 7 of Wands. That was telling me it was time to get of the couch and defend myself. Possible outcome card was the Moon. All this that is going on with me is an illusion. So I picked up my pendulum and started asking questions. I had been doing this but hadn’t asked the right questions the tarot spread told me what questions to ask. My pendulum can spell words and sentences so the answers finally started to come. My pendulum is how I learned my personal healing method that I can use to help others now. I work with energies that remove energies that is opposing someone’s growth. I don’t like to call negative energy negative really. I really think it’s just energy that is stopping someone from feeling blissful, happy, and healthy either mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. I really like to call it oppositional energy. Energy that is resistant, uncooperative, or stopping our growth. It has a purpose which is for us to get off our ass and find a way to feel better. If we felt awesome all the time we would never search for answers, feeling pain or sick is a great motivator.

After beginning my search the answers were finally coming. As a shaman I work with energies that remove energy from myself or someone else. Once that opposing energy is removed the person naturally heals theirself. There are 10 energies in all. I really have only been working with 3 of them. None of them were working to solve why I was still so sick after 26 days. I then asked the magic question. Was there another energy that could help me. Bingo! There were actually 3 other energies and within 10 minutes I was healed and feeling like my old high vibrational self. I removed handfuls of energy from my lungs, throat and sinuses, then my body healed itself. I then called on healing energy to heal myself further. I am completely better and feeling great again!

One energy removed the energy that was making me physically sick. Another energy healed me. I specifically asked it to go to my throat, sinuses, and lungs. The last energy was very exciting it took away my cravings for cigarettes! I was never a heavy smoker until my awakening in 2014. I then had cravings for cigarettes I never had before. I was practically chainsmoking and have been for 4 years now. I hate it and chalked it up to stress. The year of 2014 was very stressful for me and I thought my addiction happened from that time. I have healed myself from drug, alcohol, and codependency all 3 are additions but never could heal the cigarette addiction. It was terrible I was craving a cigarette every half an hour! When I was sick I could not stop smoking I still had the cravings and it was making me sicker, so I asked about that. I found out addiction was an energy and if it’s energy it can be removed. I removed the energy and my cravings are gone. I still smoke some out of habit but the cravings are gone and I am smoking a lot less. I just have to break the habit which I can do as I have broken many other habits. You break a habit with changing your thinking. This I can do! I will be a nonsmoker very soon. I am excited about this because I want to develop an energy healing program to break addiction. I could help many people who have addictions. I could remove the energy that causes the compulsion that leads to the addiction and the client could change their thinking and heal. An addiction is a coping mechanism and can be anything, people use to cope and escape from life. It can be drugs alcohol, sex, gambling, sugar, caffeine, food, and many other things. An addiction causes us to separate from our true authentic selves. We are putting our energy into something that is against our best interest. The Devil card. I used my addictions to run from what I need to heal in myself. I will write another article on just addictions soon.

So I am back to my old self and no longer feel human anymore.That level of consciousness and vibration is a terrible place to be. It also tells me that is what the collective consciousness feels like. So most of the people in the world are feeling that way right now, A Lightworker’s specialty is picking themselves up after a fall. I have been as low as you can go and still be alive vibration wise, many times in my life but I always pick myself up and survive! That is what a Lightworker does we go through hell and survive, so that we can help others through what we have been through. I always experience something first so that I then can turn around and help others through it too.

I have much more to write and will do it soon.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

I am a lightworker/shaman/energy healer. You can email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com. Please check out my blog at soulsistertruth.com.