Get ready if you don’t already have it, it’s on it’s way to you. I am on day 5 of the ascension flu. The symptoms are:

  • Sore throat
  • Runny and stuffy nose
  • Headache and body aches
  • Intense sweating all over your body
  • Lungs hurt and pressure on your chest
  • Leaky ears
  • Diarrhea
  • Hives and skin outbreaks
  • Fever alternating from hot and cold chills
  • Cough that can be painful but nonproductive

These are the symptoms I have experienced over the last 5 days. How I know it’s not the real flu and is from energy is, it’s not flu season and it is 90 degrees in Ohio. Which is strange itself we are well into fall right now usually but it feels like the middle of August here. In my 47 years of being alive it’s never been 90 degrees in Ohio in October. Also your mind won’t feel sick it will still function fine. You will actually be able to figure out a lot about your journey in this down time. You will still be hungry and able to eat which is not normal when you are really sick with the flu. You are detoxing from the fluids your body is expelling in this process. The purpose of the ascension flu is rapid detoxing preparing you for a big energy shift. This happened to me twice before the March pre event ascension waves started coming in. So this says a big shift in energy is imminent and on it’s way.

How to get through this is helping the detox along and speeding it up. I am taking frequent epson salt baths and drinking a mixture of detox tea, raw honey, fresh lemon and a shot of whiskey. I do the tea and the bath at the same time and then sweat for about an hour profusely. I normally am not a drinker but this is what doctors used to prescribe before modern medicine and is working for me. If you try over the counter medicine you will notice it doesn’t help at all. That is because this is an energy issue that 3D medicine can’t help, 5D methods need to be used natural remedies and energy healing. To help this along do detoxing methods whatever method you use is fine. I am also using eucalyptus oil in my essential oil diffuser which is helping.

If you are too sick to do energy healing you can call upon your archangels for help. When I am sick and not able or feeling like using my abilities my team of archangels step in and take over until I am well. They are there for you in emergency situations. Just ask and they will be there.

Also if you are aware of your downloads you will be getting them frequently while you are sick. We all get them even if you are not aware of them yet. They are downloaded into your DNA and activating it. You already had this information the downloads just help it surface to be processed. It is just awakening what was already there.

How a download works is it is waking up what you have repressed, information you need right now on your journey soon. So downloads aren’t about putting information into you it’s about bringing to the surface information you already have. It can relate to trauma, repressed situations or emotions, or information you are ready to deal with now. It uncovers what you have buried because now on your journey you are ready for this information. Something happened to me 18 years ago I was put in a situation so I would have some important information. I had forgotten or repressed a lot of what happened in this time because it was a painful time in my life. I then never thought about it much. The time for this information to be used must be getting close because I received a huge download about it and all my memories were restored. I can remember everything about the situation every detail. I can even see myself in the same place it occurred and remember every detail of what was said and what happened. It was like going back 18 years and have it happen all again.

That is how our downloads work we already had this information in our memories and in our DNA. The download just activates it and brings it to the surface. So this downtime is very useful in our journeys and moving them forward. You may want to write them down and journal about them. As downloads can be rapid information coming to surface writing it down can help in processing it. Downloads are information you already have that you need on your journey at this moment to move forward.

At this time focus on self care before anything else. Follow the cues your body gives you. it knows best. Eat what you want to eat and drink a lot of fluids. Now is not the time to deprive your body of anything.

Lots of Love


My name is Dawn Bailey I am a lightworker/shaman. I am always available to assistance you on your journey. Email me at you can read more blogs at