We naturally have the ability to manifest but there is one big thing keeping us from manifesting. Tonight September 24th and the 25th is a full moon in Aries. This full moon is special though as a portal for rapid manifestation is open too. This Aries full moon will begin with purging, this window of purging begins 3 days before the full moon. This moon will be focusing on dissolving emotional wounds. These old emotional wounds may be dealing with getting rid of the toxic dynamics in your life. These toxic dynamics may include overthinking, bad habits, clearing karma, overcoming fears, past traumas, and painful parts of your past. The purging before a full moon can last a couple days. I have been purging my ass off the last 2 days and feel much better today. When you purge you are getting rid of what you no longer need to make room for the new that comes in with the full moon energy. Once purging is over it’s time to manifest! Just as the full moon energy begins three days before. It hangs around three days afterwards. You can use this time to manifest and replace what you have purged.

As a lightworker I am already a manifestor but I am also of magnetic service path 2 of the 7 cosmic paths that Alice Bailey wrote about. Someone on the path of magnetic service works with the Law of Attraction constantly. We are basically magnets for energy but we can attract all energy not just the good energy. I recently began to be able to manifest pretty easily because I have been consciously working on my thoughts and keeping them positive. I was the queen of negative thinking and it began as a child. I grew up in a very dysfunctional and abusive family. I grew up in constant survival mode always on high alert of something bad happening to me or my sister. One of the coping mechanisms I developed was thinking of the worst thing that could happen so that whatever did happen I was A) prepared for or B) if the worst I had imagined didn’t happen whatever did happen would at least be better. This way of thinking followed me as an adult and most likely caused me to manifest a bunch of negativity in my life. I was constantly trapped in a negative cycle of thinking.

When I was moving I was super busy for a week. I had no time to sit and do my overthinking which would lead me down the rabbit hole of negative thinking. I have never solved any problem or figured anything out with my negative cycle of thinking. I would just sink lower and lower until I drained myself. When I was moving I was manifesting positive outcomes for myself constantly. I then began to connect that I was super excited and staying positive during his time. I then began to do some research. I found out that if we keep our thinking to 80% positive thoughts we can manifest easily. That only leaves you 15% for negative thinking. Seems simple but it is not easy to do when you have thought negatively your whole life. When you start to get in that cycle of negative thoughts you are unmanifesting anything you were trying to manifest. If you think of negative and positive thinking on scales, You want the scale to be lower or heavier on the positive thinking side. When you start the negative thinking and you balance out the scale you aren’t manifesting anything, you zeroed the scale out. If the negative thinking side is lower or heavier you began to manifest negativity in your life.

So How Do You Stop The Negative Thinking?

Staying in the now with no past or future thinking is the best way. The past affects the future when it comes to thinking as in it triggers us. We think to the past and try and create our future by comparing. This is a big mistake because after we awaken and work on ourselves we are different people. So what you did in the past doesn’t apply to the future. The whole point of a spiritual journey is destroying the way we lived our lives in the 3rd dimension so we can rebuild it in the 5th dimension. After you ascend to the 5th you will be faced with the same situations you faced in the 3rd dimension and given the chance to make the right decisions and choices this time. So you can’t compare the past to the future after you awaken because you become a completely different person.

You do have the power to decide what you do and do not want to think. When a negative thought pops in my head that I know will lead me down the rabbit hole. I chose not to follow that thought down the hole. I say I am not thinking this today because it gets me nowhere. I then counteract that negative thought with a positive one. A lot of these negative thought patterns are of old programming and illusions. There may even be times your mind takes off if a negative thinking pattern and you know these aren’t your thoughts playing out. This is an old program playing out. You were trained to think this way so you need to consciously train your brain to not think that way. The most effective way to begin this training is to counteract negative thoughts with a positive one.

Old Way Of Thinking Pattern: I am a failure. No one loves me. My life will always stay this way it will never get better. I am alone.

Counteract With Positive Thinking: I am successful. Everyone loves me. My life is changing for the better everyday. I am never alone.

Every time you counteract a negative thought with a positive thought you neutralize the energy that those thoughts carried. You do this and make it a habit you change your negative thinking program and start to think positive more and more everyday. It is getting control of your thinking that will change your life and you become an effortless manifestor. You will literally think one thought and it will manifest and you didn’t have to put any energy into it. Your thoughts are everything. Thoughts lead to emotions if you gain control of your thoughts you control your emotions. Once you master your thinking you have the keys to the universe right in your mind. You also can control whatever energy is with in you and around you. If you knew just how powerful your thoughts are you would never think another negative one again.

Stay Strong Brothers and Sisters and see through the illusions,



My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a lightworker/shaman/energy worker. If you need help or guidance please email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com.You can follow my blog at soulsisterstruth.com.