The next month is going to be crazy energy coming in as we are building up to the event. This blog is going to be a bunch of random information as it has been so long since I have written. The big news is the earth went 5D on Sept 12th. I had a client contact me to check her energy as the people around her were acting strange. I went to check and my pendulum went crazy. It has never acted like that before it was swinging in wild circles uncontrollably. I asked what was up and was told to go outside. I went outside and the earth was in 5D. I have been to the 5th for brief moments myself. So I knew what it should look like. In 5D everything looks crisp and clearer. Colors are more vivid and there are more of them. The difference is the same as watching a standard tv and a high definition tv. The earth went into high definition Sept 12th. The best way to tell is to look at nature it is harder to see when inside. As the earth is now 5D those that chose not to hear and heed the call, consciousness is way below the earths vibration now. This will cause them to act worse than they already did before as they are descending in levels of consciousness. We are ascending and others are descending. It will become clearer and clearer to you who is descending as their behavior will increasingly get worse. They will no longer be able to control their compulsive behaviors as nothing can stay hidden anymore.

If you are having your animals acting strange this is because they are now going through kundalini too. It won’t be as intense for them just physical symptoms. All animals have chakras and they need to be changed  and opened to allow the light energy just as we do. If these changes don’t happen when the big energy wave comes it would kill them. As they don’t have the complex emotions and thinking patterns that humans do. It won’t take as long and it won’t be as hard on them. This is the last group to go through kundalini before the event, this also says we are very very close. Animals do benefit from energy healings too, I have been doing them on the animals around me. They seem to be doing better since I started. So if you are capable of balancing your own energy and chakras don’t forget your animals too.

If you had an intense migraine Sept 14th and 15th you were in the first wave group. This was pure kundalini energy that came to upgrade us. Even if you completed kundalini you still get upgrades along with the rest of those going through it. This was an energy migraine and it was brutal. I had to call off work and I stayed in bed all day and slept as much as I could. The second wave group got their upgrades Sept 21st and 22nd. The third wave be prepared your turn is Sept 28th and 29th. There is nothing you can do but ride the energy out it will last about 24 hours. This energy was surprisingly painful. Kundalini energy comes from the sun and is hot energy. If you noticed heat radiating from in your body out and you are burning hot, that is kundalini energy pure solar energy.

From now to late October we might see some starseeds leaving earth and going home. Lightworkers will be staying. All lightworkers are starseeds but not all starseeds are lightworkers. The starseeds that are not lightworkers have completed their mission and may be leaving soon. The earth went 5D so mission accomplished! We have enough people on earth that can handle the event energy now. Those that will be staying are in the 4th dimension of consciousness and lightworkers. There are physical dimensions and dimensions of consciousness and they are not the same thing. Levels of consciousness are based on how much knowledge and information you have that can eventually be used to help others. Every time you learn a new skill or ability you ascend a level of consciousness.

I can’t stress to you how intense the energy is going to be for the next 30 days. My body is exhausted. I have not gotten a good nights sleep in weeks. I was up and down every hour last night. I am expending so much energy in my sleep I have to wake up and eat to replace my energy. So between eating all night and then waking up burning hot. I got no sleep. I also have been getting hives from the energy. The energy has to be of an extremely high level to give me hives. I have only gotten them a handful of times. When I started kundaini in 2012, when I met my twinflame and now are the only times I have gotten hives from energy. So this energy is of an intensely high level that is coming in and it is exhausting to hold this energy. It is no longer blissful, it is tiring. This is only going to ramp up even more over the next 30 days. The waves are nonstop there are no longer any breaks being given.

The mental and emotional changes are periods of brief depression and/or anxiety. Feeling unsettled, out of sorts and grouchy. Feelings can be exaggerated. You may feel more angry or sad about a situation than you normally would. After this passes you may look back and see how everything was overly exaggerated in the situation. These are illusions and old programming being dissolved.  Know yourself and how you would normally react. One thing this journey has done is had me gotten know my normal thoughts, behaviors, and thinking. I know when programming or energy that is not mine is taking over. I am becoming better at detaching from it and letting it play out. I know my normal state is blissful, healthy and energized. I know since the earth went 5D I have not been feeling like my normal self. Attacks on lightworkers have stepped up as the 4th dimensional negative energies are scrambling in a panic and latching on to be transmuted. They are abandoning ship. The time is up for them they can’t just leave on their own so they will find the nearest lightworker to attach too. This is the last stretch and we can do it, transmute the energy lightworkers. I know you are tired and weary and wondering how much longer you can do this. It won’t be that much longer just hang in there a  little bit longer. Things will be unfolding rapidly now. This phase is almost complete.

Much Love,


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