This blog is just going to be a lot of different information that has occurred over the last week. Instead of writing separate blogs for each subject.

Last Mass Ascension of August:

We have had a mass ascension for group 3 starting on August 21st and ending today August 23. Group 1 would have felt this energy the least of all 3 waves we experience. Group 1 was August 4th-6th, Group 2 was 14th-16th and Group 3 was August 21st-23rd. I still felt that energy that made me want to do something but not the motivation to do it. Group 3 would have felt this energy the most. Those in this group may feel discontented and uncomfortable right now. You may feel you have a lot of energy but unfocused and unmotivated. You are not able to channel that energy and make it productive. You may find yourself getting up and down and maybe even pacing. Just relax and accept the energy don’t fight it. Surrender so you can ascend.

To Those With Sudden Allergies or Colds:

If you were suddenly hit with a severe cold or allergies all of a sudden. All is not what it seems. Myself and 2 other people were all of a sudden hit with sore throats, coughing, draining sinuses and congestion. Since this hit me suddenly while I was awake I was suspicious. Actually my TF lit some incense which brought on the symptoms all of a sudden. My favorite moon incense that has never made me sick before nor caused an allergic reaction. After a few hours I checked myself and found implants in my sinuses and throat once removed I was immediately better all symptoms went away. There is also another implant that was brought to my attention this morning. It is called a geotracker and is implanted in the middle of the head. Symptoms are severe mood changes and increased appetite. This implant sucks your energy and you will have an increase in appetite to try and get more energy through calories. This one is a crystalline substance depending on how you perceive energy you may be able to detect it yourself.

To Those With Neck Pain:

This pain will come from the soft hollow spot at the top of your neck where it meets the skull. It can be only 2 things an implant or blocked chakra. If you wake up with this pain it will most likely be a blocked chakra. This chakra has a lot of different names Seat of the Soul, God’s Mouth, or Jade Pillow are a few. How this chakra gets blocked is while we sleep there is a lot happening to us. We astral travel to higher dimensions to learn and we also receive spiritual information in the form of downloads. This information goes in the chakra located on the back of our head and neck. It can get blocked very easy when you receive to much information at once. If it is blocked it will cause severe neck pain that can go into your shoulders tensing them up too. You may think you just slept on it wrong but if it continues into the next day it isn’t that you slept on it wrong and needs to be taken care of. A blocked chakra in the neck will be tensed up muscles. An implant will be pulses of energy that are like a tooth ache because it affects the nerves. The pain will wrap around your head and cause severe head aches and head pain.

Personalized Synchronicities:

This is the fun part! All of August I have been experiencing synchronicities that are personalized to me. It goes way beyond repeating numbers now. I am also thinking something and it happening instantly. The telepathy is crazy too and not just with my twinflame but people I don’t know. Although one of us can think something then the other do or say it instantly. It now is happening with everyone even strangers.

I went into a restaurant to order carryout. I placed my order and paid. I then walked away and thought “Damn I forgot to get chicken in my noodles. Oh well I will eat them without meat”. When they brought my order to me they said they accidentally made a parmesan chicken breast and would I like it for free with my order. So what I thought happened through telepathy to someone cooking my food. These kind of sychroncities keep happening everywhere I go. People I don’t know going out of their way to help me.

Another major one was I have been having a hard time finding an apartment. It is very important I move out of the hotel I am staying at in a certain time period. I made it clear to the universe I need out of this hotel in 2 weeks as they are raising the price on the rooms and remodeling. I first was driving by a road on my way to work and suddenly a flock of geese took off from the grass on the side of the road flying right at the front of my car. I slammed on my brakes and some how swerved through about 20 geese without hitting any. It scared me to death if they hit my windshield it would have broken it plus I love geese and would be broken up if I hit them. I didn’t look over though because my heart was beating so fast I had to pull over down the road. Later I was looking on facebook for apartments and seen an ad for a condo it just had an address but no pictures. I knew the area so I just decided to drive down the road to check it out. I went to look at the condo and there was someone living there and it wasn’t for rent. We had called the number on the listing and the lady said she had no idea what we were talking about but had been getting calls. It was a fake ad. As I was driving back down the street I see a sign for another apartment for rent independently. It is hard for me to pass an application because when I started my awakening I couldn’t work for a year and a half I stayed in my room and lived off credit cards. This ruined my credit as I couldn’t pay the credit cards off. We were also having a hard time because my tf is mixed race and we were running into racial profiling. Well we were just approved for this apartment, it is everything we wanted, and we move next week. I am writing this to show how the universe guides you in crazy ways to what you need and asked for. First the geese then the fake ad guided me to that street to find exactly what I asked for. I have not had a stable place to live since my awakening and I am grateful the universe came through for me. These personalized synchrocities are available to everyone. We can manifest almost effortlessly if we relax and take our energy and willpower out of it and just let the energy  of the universe flow. Once we quit trying to force things to happen and tap into the flow of the universe. It just happens with hardly any effort from us, if we just trust in that the universe has our backs and will come through for us. It will happen!

I think I covered everything from this week. If I missed anything I will update later.

Lots of Love and Light,


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