So you are going through kundalini and it will change you and your life completely. That is the whole purpose of kundalini. It tears your life down, changes you, and then you rebuild your life into a better one. This primal life force energy comes from the sun. It is pure solar energy so to our dense bodies it can be very uncomfortable. Here is a link to what I wrote about the physical: changes:

Along with going through the physical you go through mental and emotional too. Before you awakened you were only functioning from your root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras. The upper 3 chakras throat, third eye and crown are our spiritual chakras. After we awaken we start to use these upper 3 chakras more. So kundalini takes ore time to get through your lower 4 chakras and a lot less time getting through your upper 3 chakras. Your upper 3 chakras won’t be blocked very much because you didn’t use them much before you awakened. I am going to go over each chakras and the changes that kundaini energy urges you to make. I won’t be going over the throat, third eye, and crown. The basis of kundalini is that since you raised your vibration enough to ascend. You are going to now make canges in your life to match that higher vibration you created. So it may seem like your life is falling apart, but it isn’t. It’s a vibrational change and you are building your higher vibrational life.To build that higher vibrational life we need to get rid of what isn’t vibing high in our life anymore.

Root Chakra

When kundalini is in your root you will be wanting to make changes to your 3rd dimensional life. This has to do with money, career, home life, school life etc. You want to remodel you living space, you want to get rid of things you no longer need, you may want to move, you will just feel the urge for change change and more change. You may want to change careers, you job no longer interests you. You may decide you no longer want to go to school for what you thought you did. You also may be in fear of lack of abundance in your life. You also could experience depression. This energy is all about making changes in your everyday life.

Sacral Chakra

This chakra has to do with relationships, past trauma, childhood issues, intimacy and sexuality. You will look at your close relationships as they no longer match your vibration. You may leave or separate from your partner as they no longer match your vibe. You will start to distance yourself or completely toss people out of your life that have a lower vibration than you. You may have an increased or decreased sex drive during this time. You may deal with past childhood trauma or abuse. You may distance yourself from people and have a hard time with intimacy. This is all normal when kundalini energy is in your sacral chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

This chakra is personal power. Self confidence, self esteem, and will power, have to do with this chakra. When kunalini is in this chakra you may feel down on yourself and not have the energy to focus and get stuff done. You also may feel walked on by other people due to lack of boundaries with others. You may experience anxiety attacks. You may notice more how others steal your energy. If you feel used, attacked, or criticized by other people you will feel it in this chakra. This also is the most common chakra to get an energetic cord.This is where I always find them on people. This is from lack of boundaries with the person you share a cord with, which is how others feed off your energy. Unbalanced relationships in your life will affect this chakra.

Heart Chakra

This is your love chakra. It would be so easy if it was all about love for others but it is not. It is self love which a lot of people don’t have. When the kundalini energy is in this chakra you can feel bad about yourself and really critical of yourself and your worth. You can feel unloved and alone even if you aren’t. You can feel abandoned by others, helpless, and isolated. You may want someone to come save you, but they can’t. Only you can save yourself and give yourself the love you need. After this chakra is opened and cleansed by the kundalini energy you then will begin to search for ways to love yourself. You will realize only you have the love you need. We have spent a lot of our lives giving love to others and not giving it to ourselves.

This is what I have found happening to people I am working with. This doesn’t mean this is everything you feel, but some of it may resonate with you. The first 4 chakras are the hardest to get through, as you have lived your life before your awakening from these chakras. The last 3 throat, third eye, and crown are mostly physical symptoms as you didn’t use the chakras when you were asleep.

Much Love Soul Brothers and Sisters,


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