Dolores Cannon who I respect and admire a lot wrote a book called “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth”. I have read most of the book and agree with the three waves and can see them in the clients I work with. These volunteers are lightworkers and starseeds that incarnated in order to raise the earths’ vibration so we can transition to the new earth. I always thought that age applied to the three waves but it doesn’t. What wave you are in depends on soul maturity and if you have experienced the life lessons you needed to wake up. There are people in their 40’s and younger in the first wave and people in their 70’s in the second wave.

I can now see clearly our mission and how this is all going to play out. I am talking about lightworkers and what our job will be. We are divided into 3 waves depending on our soul maturity.

The first wave is the wave I am in. I am now helping other lightworkers and teaching some that are in the second and third waves. I am doing energy work, helping people through kundalini and shamanic initiations. I am teaching energy healing to other lightworkers and guiding them through what I have already been through. This wave is also reunited with their twinflames. These twins have gone through the separation phase and have come back together in high dimensional relationships.

The second wave is finishing up kundalini and going through initiations that they have to go through to start their mission. They will be assisting soon the first wavers in helping the third wavers. They are probably in the separation phase with their twinflame. This phase is where you separate to work on yourselves and come back together stronger and healed enough for a healthy high dimensional relationship.

The third wave has ascended or is about to ascend and starting kundalini. Many are also just meeting their twinflame or about too. If they haven’t already been with their twinflame and don’t know it.

So we do we have these waves and what is the purpose of them?

We had to wake up in waves or there would have been utter chaos and we never would have gotten anything done. The first wavers had the toughest mission as we didn’t have as much help waking up. We learned and grew and figured out a whole bunch of stuff on our own, so we can help the first and second wavers. When second wavers are healed, trained, and ready. They will help us assist the third wavers.

So what happens after all the lightworkers from every wave are healed, trained, and ready?

Our real purpose and mission starts. The first phase was healing ourselves and helping each other wake up and heal. The second phase was training all the lightworkers. When we are all ready, we start the third phase. We have our army of lightworkers and we go out and heal the masses. As everything we have been through, the psychic attacks, the kundalini (which is getting our lightbodies), and the struggles with not having the money and resources we need to even survive. That is what is going to happen to the rest of the world. We are here to guide them through it because we have already been through it. We will go out and heal them and guide them to the light and then new earth.

This is what that saying “the meek shall inherit the earth means”. Us who have been persecuted and beaten down our whole lives are inheriting the earth so we can heal others. We are the only ones that can do this because we healed ourselves and each other. You are going to see everything flip flop. The lightworkers will rise up in our power while those that have been in power are going to sink lower and lower. Karma is in action and those that stood this test of time and survived will now thrive. Those that have been living their lives by taking advantage of the poor, vulnerable, and meek. They are about to fall and they will fall hard. It is happening already everyday someone that has been doing horrible things to the more vulnerable people are getting caught and losing everything. This will continue to happen as the Lord of Karma is making sure of this. Karma goes both ways it not only punishes. It also rewards. Those with good karma will be rewarded. Lightworkers will begin to recover financially and the struggle will be rewarded. We will also be able to manifest what we need easier. This is happening to the first wavers now. It may be happening not as fast as we want it to but it is. It will then happen to the second wavers and then the third wavers. The karma timeline has collapsed you will see more instant karma, good and bad. Karma no longer takes a lifetime or more to pay out. It happens fast in some cases instantly.

I hope this helps clear up the mystery of the lightworker and our mission. I hope this also help you on 8/8/18 the Lions Gate see your personal mission more clearly. I hope this also gives you a boost to help you along the way and you are no longer training for something you don’t know. This is the lightworker mission and this is what we agreed to and why we are here. We were literally born to do this.

Much Love and Light Soul Brothers and Sisters,


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