What is it within silence that scares you?

Why are you uncomfortable just being still?

You don’t even know what haunts you

But yet, you seeketh its danger and thrill..

Worries tend to magnify the mirror

Your blurry eyes have blurred a beautiful soul

We see through filters of illusion

The Mirror is simply a smoke of control..

Do you know that dark runs from light?

Nothing can conquer better than that of you

Do you know from dim grew the bright?

No low can conquer better than the high of true..

But still you will say where art thou purpose

For ye feel ye haven’t found a righteous way

It is in those moments brought silently still

Without all the distractions of normal day..

Seeketh not the way, the hand, not the hour

Knowing has a divine essence of its own

The universe seeks to please the meek

“The Mirror” only reflects what is shown.

Michel Oseh

Residing in the mountainous region of Colorado. I have been working with the community for over 30 years in different capacities but all stemming from a deep satisfaction in helping others in the forms of a healer, medium, or life coach. I feel myself a student of life for no one is greater than the other but instead let us be in service to each other and the love in our hearts. My day job consists of the “behavioral” field but my heart is in the esoteric.. It is that heart that has led me to far away lands like Africa, Malasia, India, and UK always learning new heights and familiar lows.. Throughout the years I have published several poems, have written various articles for a newspaper in India, and now finding my way to to your very precious lives. I love you all with great abundance and am honored to light your path in any way that I can..