We had some divine codes come in and these codes reached everyone. These codes are causing a mass ascension that is happening today. A mass ascension reaches everyone on earth and always happens during the Lions Gate. As always people can choose not to as they have free will. I started feeling it when I woke up. I have a lot of energy but can’t focus on anything. I don’t feel like doing anything but I keep thinking of all I should be doing. I get up and down and have all this excess energy.  I can’t even decide on what to eat so I am just not eating. I feel uncomfortable and dissatisfied with everything. Nothing is appealing to me. This stir crazy feeling happens before large shifts in consciousness. We are shedding another layer. I also had an uncomfortable sensation of heartburn in my chest. This was my body adjusting to the higher vibrations. I would lay down but jump back up and pace. I didn’t feel like I fit in my own skin. I then was like something is going on and began to ask questions and then I was told I was ascending.

I have ascended before but every time it is a surprise and I fight it. Once I realized it and accepted it I went ahead and ascended. Then cool energy came up my feet and my body adjusted. I then felt fine. Once you surrender to the process it goes much quicker.

You may have noticed increased anger in people around you and maybe even you have felt anger in the last week. This is resistance to ascension that is occurring. I got into an argument last night with my mother. I ended up hanging up on her. I just can’t do the toxicity anymore. I can no longer listen to her complain about the children she didn’t even raise. Her victim mentality is no longer something I can participate in by listening to her. I was then told it was time to let go of my earthly mother, she would never change. As starseeds we incarnated into families that aren’t really ours. We borrowed them for the purpose of serving our mission. I can remember being 5 years old praying to god and crying for my real family to come get me. Even at a young age I knew I never would fit in because they weren’t my real family and I never did. I have ascended enough that is time to let go of my last earthly family member. I have accepted that and feel no connection to any of them anymore.

If you haven’t figured it out yet as lightworkers we communicate with Metatron. He is the head of the archangels. Metatron and the archangels are who guide us and watch over us and our mission. Once you ascend so much you can directly communicate with him. You may have seen him when you travel to another dimension when you sleep. He teaches us and shows us what is happening. He is an old man with a long white beard. He is thin and wears a white or red robe with a cord around his waist. Like the robes monks wear. Sometimes he would be showing me something in a really old big book. That is when I was being taught. He now shows me things. We are always high up and looking down on the earth. The earth looks like what you would see if you were looking down from space. The last thing he showed me was a rock slide falling to earth. At first it was just a couple rocks. Then they fell faster and it was a huge rock slide. It was showing me something crumbling slowly and then completely being destroyed. What was being destroyed was the matrix and we are doing it.

As a lightworker you are taught and can communicate with Metatron. The more you ascend the more aware you will become and the easier you can communicate with him. You will no longer have to travel to another dimension while asleep. You will be able to communicate with him through telepathy while awake. Telepathy is how we will communicate more and more to the higher dimensions and to each other. A telltale sign that you have traveled while asleep is waking up drenched in sweat. I used to feel myself being lowered back it was like falling awake. I felt my astral body being lowered back into my earthly body right before I woke up. The language we communicate with has changed too. He now says earthly this and that a lot. Your earthly mother your earthly family. This started today after ascension. I can’t wait to hear from my soul group about this. Yes I know who you are and I follow you.

I asked Metatron if he has a message for his beloved starseeds and lightworkers and he does.

He says he loves you dearly and we are winning.

I also recognized my first background person today. They act like robots and can show no emotions. They are nice, pleasant and even attractive, but it is an act. I met mine at the grocery store he was my cashier. Pay attention they can be anyone.  It was pretty cool but as an empath, I sensed it immediately. They aren’t narcissists but they are empty inside. They are shells. I can also easily pick out the reptilians among us now. There are us the incarnates, background people, reptilians, and the masses. These codes opened up a new whole world to me. This was a huge step in awareness. We all received them enjoy your new abilities.

The next ascension waves are August 14th 15th and 16th.

Lots of Love and Light,


I am a shaman, light and energy worker. I am here to help as many people as possible ascend. If you need assistance on your journey email me at dawnbailey7771@gmail.com. You can read my blog at soulsisterstruth.com.