Oh, ye of little faith

Always seeking a purpose

Is that not what faith is

If not seeing beyond a surface


A label for this, a judgement for that

Claimed a self-righteous self-fulfillment

Because you are this, you cannot be that

Distance has become your self-imprisonment


Divinity doesn’t befall in boxes

Tightly wrapped in ribbons and bows

It comes with bumps and bruises

Within the lightning the thunder rose


For every destination

Has brought an occasion of persuasion

So, let not preparation

Build the perpetuation of our devastation


Speak Now!  For are thou not spoken?

Rise Now!  For art thou so broken?

Sweetened bliss awaits the open

For thou possess what art thou token


There are no victims in a victimless game

The wisdom of light outs a shadowless shame

Within the roots of love seeds a gleam of fame

So gleam forth with light for light is your name……….

Michel Oseh

Residing in the mountainous region of Colorado. I have been working with the community for over 30 years in different capacities but all stemming from a deep satisfaction in helping others in the forms of a healer, medium, or life coach. I feel myself a student of life for no one is greater than the other but instead let us be in service to each other and the love in our hearts. My day job consists of the “behavioral” field but my heart is in the esoteric.. It is that heart that has led me to far away lands like Africa, Malasia, India, and UK always learning new heights and familiar lows.. Throughout the years I have published several poems, have written various articles for a newspaper in India, and now finding my way to to your very precious lives. I love you all with great abundance and am honored to light your path in any way that I can..