It is getting rough out there. How many times a day do you say wtf is wrong with people? I say it plenty even though I know what is going on. What is happening is people are ascending and going though ascension and kundalini. As we do have free will some will chose not to ascend and they will descend.

Planet earth is at the top level of the 4th dimension. It can really ascend to the 5th at anytime and that will be when the event happens. So as the earth is 4D those that chose to not ascend are descending because their vibration is lower than the earths vibration. They are miserable with emotional pain. There are 2 types of people and how they deal with emotional pain. One that hurts others as we see constantly happening and those that hurt themselves as the increase in suicides. At this moment we have people whose consciousnesses are in many dimensions some 3D, 4D and 5D and above. We will stay in these different dimensions until the event and when the earth goes fully 5D. Then we will merge as one.

I am an avid news watcher but it is getting too much for even me. I kept the tv blaring all day because it kept me from hearing other things like telepathy from other sources. I am a hearer of energy which means I can hear things from other dimensions and it was not always pleasant or welcome. I stopped this by keeping noise around me constantly. I am stronger now but it has become a habit. I am now getting away from that habit and playing Tibetan singing bowls or music on my tv. I am much more relaxed and happy. The constant bad news from the tv was wearing me down. I am also scrolling past stuff on my facebook newsfeed. I would like to get off social media but it is important to spread information and it is a good platform.

I want to define a lightworker a little bit. Just because you are a lightworker it doesn’t mean you have to put up with abuse in any way. You are not here to be walked on or mistreated. It is perfectly ok to not help someone because not everyone can be helped at that moment. I do believe everyone can be helped but that person may not be in the right place in their lives for the help at that moment. It is ok to walk away. You are needed elsewhere always. Since the lions gate opened in July. People are angry and lashing out. I have a few people that are supposed to be awoke act terrible to me and say some abusive things to me crossing my boundaries. I shut this down in a heartbeat. My boundaries are there for a reason. I am a lightworker and helping people is my mission but putting up with anything that is not for my highest good will not be accepted. If it leaves me feeling negative or drained it is not in my highest good. If you don’t feel good after an interaction with someone it wasn’t for your highest good most likely and some boundaries were crossed. Never help anyone to the point you are draining or neglecting yourself. Don’t push your help on others either they will come to you when ready. Pay attention to red flags about a person your intuition is on point. Every time I ignored my intuition about a person this week it has turned out all bad. It is not that someone is not deserving it is that they aren’t ready for help. Their ego needs broken down some more before the help will actually help, you will be wasting your time and probably get your feelings hurt in the process. Knowing when to walk away is just as important than helping someone. As lightworkers we tend to put others before ourselves. This is unhealthy codependent behavior and will leave you feeling taken advantage of and drained. If you don’t take care of you first and others second you will be of no good for anyone. I take frequent breaks and just pamper myself so I can be in good condition for others. I will spend a day in nature or just mediating and rejuvenating myself and my spirit. This is very important to staying balanced.

You may have noticed people coming at you angry and irrational lately. This is the lions gate. This energy exposes everything you need to work on so you can work on it. As some don’t understand this they will take out their feelings on others. Don’t continue to engage these people. Walk away you can’t reason with them as they are out of control at this moment. It is ok take time for yourself. There are others that can help that person or it can wait. You need to be healthy and happy to be your most affective when helping another. Take breaks you will be a better person for it. Trust me if you don’t willingly take one the universe will give you one.

Surrender to this process and energy the lions gate is giving you. Don’t fight the energy. Give up the need for control. Any plan you have pales in to comparission to the universes plan for you. When you try and control and force your way. You are throwing some bad resisnet energy into the process and plan.

Let go and Say:

The Universes plan is better than mine. I surrender to the Universe and the process.

I was feeling terrible until I repeated this yesterday. After I did I felt a huge release lift off me.

Lots of Love,


I am a shaman who consciously started my lightworker journey 4 years ago. I have been on that journey my whole life. If you need help just email