As a healer I remove energetic cords all the time. Almost everybody has them at some point in their journey. Anytime there is an energetic exchange a cord can develop but most cords come from someone we have an emotional connection with. It can be a parent, coworker, friend, or past or present love interest.

If the cord is from a past relationship usually it can be removed and will stay gone if you no longer have contact with that person. Unless you are still grieving the loss of the relationship it may take a few times then. If the cord is a result from a current relationship that is more problematic as it can reattach. If you are removing cords or having a healer remove cords but make no changes in the energy from the relationship with the person you share a cord with then it will come back. We get energetic cords from lack of boundaries with other people.

Lets say that the person you share a cord with walks all over you and takes advantage of you. This cord will most likely be attached to your solar plexus and be draining your personal energy. If the cord is left on for a long time it can develop into physical problems most likely stomach problems, upset stomach, and loss of appetite are common problems with solar plexus cords. The sacral chakra is a common place to be corded from relationships especially abusive or traumatic ones most of these would be past relationships hopefully. Cords on your sacral chakra can lead to bladder and bowel problems leaving you running to the bathroom all the time. The heart chakra would be more current relationships and these cords can cause chest pains or discomfort, this pain would be in a small localized area.

The problem that results from cords is loss of our energy. The cord would be with a person that is lower than vibration is us. Energy flows from you to them and from them to you. So your good energy is flowing to them and they feel better after interacting with you, while their bad energy is flowing to you and making you feel worse. This will leave you feeling drained after interacting with this person and if the cord is not removed it will continue to drain you even after leaving that persons presence.

If you are removing cords or having them professionally removed and you do not change the relationship with the person you had a cord with it will come back. You change the relationship by putting up boundaries. Don’t put up with a complaining criticizing mother. Don’t put up with abusive relationships. Don’t put up with that coworker that directs anger, jealousy or resentment at you. Stop taking shit from others and you will establish boundaries and no longer be a victim. You teach others how they can treat you. If you act like a victim and have poor boundaries you will be a victim until you learn to stand up for yourself. As we can’t throw out all of our relationships like with a parent or child, we can change the dynamic by putting up firm boundaries.

It is important to pay attention to how you feel after interacting with people. As energetic cords not only exchanges energy but also thoughts and emotions. This is why it is not good to share cords with anyone. Even normally positive people have low times and get sad or angry and if you share a cord with this person you will feel what they are feeling. You may feel sad or angry for no reason because the other person is feeling this way. It’s hard enough dealing with our own thoughts and feelings much less another persons.

So while you will feel immediate relief from having a cord removed if you do not change the reason you got the cord. It will grow back every time you interact or think deeply about that person.

While most cords are not intentional some are. I have removed cords from clients that have gone to a healer that is themselves going through personal issues and corded their client. This is why you should find a healer you trust and stick with them. There are people that are addicted to psychics and healers and see many of them. I have a client I have removed cords from 2 different times because she went to a certain reiki healer. If you leave a session feeling worse and not better you may want to see someone else next time. The exception is if you did some deep emotional work as this can take some time to process and work out.

Don’t be discouraged if you have to remove a cord several times. It is a process of learning and growing. Being aware is the biggest step to emotional growth. I have been corded many times and I grew from each time it happened. I wouldn’t have started writing blogs if I wasn’t corded by someone I was helping. Just as long as you learn and grow from each experience you will be just fine and progressing on your journey to becoming the happy whole person you deserve to be.

Love and Light,


I am a shaman who consciously started my lightworker journey 4 years ago. I have been on that journey my whole life. If you need help just email