Retrogrades are not when planets go backwards it is when they slow down and appear to go backwards. When a planet slows down what is associated with that planet will be what we are working on during the retrograde time. This slow down period of energy from the planet gives us time to do the work that needs to be done. Retrogrades are not to be feared they give us time to evaluate ourselves and our lives and then make positive changes in our lives. As all retrogrades and other celestial events are meant to further us on our paths and journeys.

Mercury retrograde July 26-August 19th

Mercury rules communication, intellect and reason. These problems with communication and reason could lead to disagreements with others due to you saying something and others taking it the wrong way. It may seem during this time nothing you say is right. You know what you are trying to say in your brain but the right words don’t come out of your mouth. Brain fog and confusion may seem to affect you more during this time. This is not the time to make any major life decisions.These issues of communication could also extend to technology. Dropped calls, losing your phone, bad connections, internet or power going out may seem to happen more often. Use this retrograde to  review, research, revise, reevaluate and reconsider all your plans so that when Mercury goes direct you can fix what is broken in your life.

Signs most affected: Libra and Cancer

Tarot Card association: The Magician represents Mercury the planet that brings communication, intellectual processes, reasoning and information.

Mars retrograde June 26th-August 27th

Mars rules power and success. You could spend a lot of time in deep thinking about changes you may need to make in your life. You also could be making silly mistakes because it is harder to focus. You may also notice anger surfacing in yourself and others due to impatience and frustration. Mars being in retrograde stirs up unhealthy aggression and power struggles in career and relationships. Try and resist the urge to be impulsive give more time to make decisions. You might also tend to get more upset when things don’t go your way. Use this retrograde to learn to go with the flow.

Signs most affected: Aries and Scorpio

Tarot Card association: The Tower represents Mars which often manifests as aggression, hostility, destruction, harmful actions and sudden troubles.

Saturn in retrograde April 17th-Sept 6th

Saturn rules security, responsibility and karma. You may have disagreements with authority figures. Feelings of insecurity may bubble to the surface. Your responsibilities could feel more burdensome. Saturn is also the Lord of Karma this is why we see so many getting called to account for their past actions. If you have been living a true authentic life this will be a rewarding time for you. Use this retrograde to access what are really your responsibilities and if you are taking on too much responsibilities from others around you.

Signs most affected: Gemini and Sagittarius 

Tarot card association: It means facing our deeds and actions and accepting responsibility for them.

Neptune in retrograde June 18th-Nov 24th

Neptune rules illusion, dreams, and intuition.  Psychic dreams may increase and since illusions are lifted you can gain great clarity and insight from these dreams. You may find yourself absorbing energy more easily from others. This is due to poor boundaries with those around us. Not having firm boundaries leaves us open to deception and delusions from others. When in retrograde Neptune strips away illusions and we may have to face some harsh realities about relationships, careers and even our beliefs. Use this retrograde to see clearer with your deeper insight and on point intuition.

Signs most affected: Pisces

Tarot Card association: The Fool represents Neptune’s different energies relate to visions, subconscious urges and the supernatural.

Pluto in Retrograde April 22nd-September 30th

Pluto represents endings, beginnings as well as spiritual growth, transformation, and rebirth. Pluto tears things down so that they can be rebuilt. Pluto in retrograde forces us to look inward and examine our shadow side and what we may not like about ourselves. This time we spend evaluating our true motivations and what makes us tick. Will leave you asking a lot of why questions about yourself. Use this retrograde time to dive deep into your subconscious to see what is really behind your actions, Is it fear or love that motivates you. The answer may be surprising.

Signs most affected Capricorn, Virgo and Leo

Tarot Card association: The Hangman sacrifice, suspension and endurance directed to changing current situations for the better.

Uranus in Retrograde August 7th- January 6th

Uranus is the planet of surprise and change. This retrograde might bring about sudden, abrupt, and extreme change that takes your life down an entirely new path. Regardless this is a time to look at your life from a new perspective and create a whole new life path for yourself. This retrograde is all about facing your fears so that you make changes to bring more freedom in your life. Use this retrograde energy to make changes and you may be surprised at the new direction your life takes.

Sign most affected Aquarius 

Tarot Card association: The World as new opportunities and changes can open up a whole new world for you.

Stop fearing retrogrades and try to harness the energy available to you during the retrograde period. It just means to slow down and pay attention to whatever the meaning is that is associated with that planet. The farther you are in your journey the more you can work with these energies to bring positive changes to all areas of your life. If you are going through kundalini you will feel these celestial events more due to shifting from carbon base to light base bodies. Kundalini connects you even more to these energies. If you are finished with kundalini the sky is the limit on how you may use these energies to make needed and improved changes to your life journey. So relax and enjoy these retrogrades, look at them with love and no fear. Whatever energy you put into it will be the energy you get out of it.

Love and Light,


I am a shaman who consciously started my lightworker journey 4 years ago. I have been on that journey my whole life. If you need help just email