We had pre-event energy come through in late March. This energy pushed a group of people into starting to build their 5D lives. It pushed another group into kundalini and another group into ascension. I am not seeing another big energy event until the 3rd week of October. We will have plenty of retrogrades, full and new moons and lunar and solar events, but the next real big energy event will not be until October.

My group should be starting the transition into their 5D lives. You should be working on your 5D jobs and transitioning your relationships into 5D. What is your 5D job doing what you love to do and making money while doing it. If you like to dance, write, sing, build things etc. That would be your high dimensional job using your creative energy. It may be building your business in your spare time while still working your 3D job but you will eventually spend less time at the 3D job and more time in the 5D job until you fully transition into being 5D full time.

You should also be moving your relationships into 5D. This will cause many breakups because people aren’t a vibrational match for each other anymore. When it comes to twinflames, the twin who ascended first should be seeing more and more 5D behaviors in their twin. They will catch up to us finally. I know my twin went from some very bad 3D behaviors and habits at the beginning of this year, to spraying essential oils around himself, talking about mediation and yoga and deciding to eat lighter healthier foods. I didn’t even pressure him he is doing this on his own. The first ascended twin set an example for the other twin to follow. You also may be finding new friends and cutting ties with old low vibrational ones. You may be distancing yourself from toxic family members. You are just weeding out the lower vibrational people out of your life and finding new higher vibrational ones, or your lower vibrational relationships are transitioning to higher vibrational ones.

My group may also be using divination techniques less and less and using our knowing and intuition more and more. This is transitioning more into 5D also. Not saying anything bad about divination but I have all but abandoned my tarot cards. My daily readings are a thing of the past. I fully rely on my intuition and knowing now. If you are doing this it is a good thing because you are trusting yourself more.

The next group is those in full blown kundalini. You do have some kundalini before ascension but most is after ascension. This group is already ascended to 5D and now their body is changing to match that vibration. I have been working with a lot of people in kundalini and they are close to half way done. A majority have kundalini energy working on the solar plexus and heart chakra. Once you get past the 3D chakras (root, sacral and solar plexus), you will go to the heart and then the spiritual chakras (throat, third eye and crown). You then bring the 3D chakras and spiritual chakras together in your heart chakra. To help kundalini along keep your chakras and spiritual body as clear of energy blocks as possible. That energy needs to be able to work through your body unobstructed.

The last group is about to ascend or newly ascended. They are finding their way to self healing, searching, and learning. They are learning healing techniques or finding someone to teach them these healing techniques. They are discovering their hidden skills, abilities and talents.  I say hidden because they have always been there you just weren’t awake enough to remember and discover them yet. This group will go into kundalini soon or have already been experiencing the beginning of it. We have many newly ascended lightworkers once they heal themselves they will then begin to heal others.

The Universe has set up this process in a really cool way. We ascend in groups so one group can help another group. Those in your group will have a very similar journey to yours and when you hear it you will recognize them. This would be your soul group. You should start meeting more and more of them soon. We will have more twinflames meeting or reuniting too. These power couples have a great mission and purpose to fulfill. Your twin will probably have the opposite sign and elements of you to create balance. The feminine energy (Yin) have the elements water and earth (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces). The male energy (Yang) have the elements fire and air (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius).  Bring the yin and the yang together and you have perfect balance. The universe has always been about bringing balance. Just be patient with your twin they will catch up.

To be ready for the event you must be already changing your life for it to happen. Don’t sit and wait for the change be the change. No matter what group you are in never think you are done or stop learning. We may think that enlightenment means happiness but enlightenment means awareness and awareness is knowledge. Gain as much knowledge as you can. The happiness comes later. The more you learn the more enlightened you become because you are aware, this is how you ascend to the higher dimensions of consciousness. There is no limit to dimensions of consciousness. The more you know the higher you go.

Love and Light,


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