I know I have wrote about the Micrcosmic Orbit but really haven’t explained it much. I will explain it in this article. It was hard to figure out because it is a Taoist Qigong or Taoist yoga Qi energy cultivation technique. They never in all I have read said the word chakra just energy pathways. I now understand it is a system of chakras. You do not have to practice Qigong to befit from opening your Micrcosmic orbit. Qigong uses deep breathing exercises in conjunction with mediation and concentration techniques which develop the flow of qi along certain pathways of energy in the human body. These energy pathways connect the 7 main chakras but also adds 5 more chakras that run up your spine. These 5  chakras will be on your spine opposite of the sacral through third eye chakras.  The root and crown do not have opposite chakras as the are located at the bottom and the top of the body. When you use energy and light to connect all 12 chakras you will be able to obtain optimal energy flow through out your body. This energy flow will greatly reduce ascension and kundalini symptoms. When we have problems with ascension and kundalini it is because of energy blocks in our energy system. Opening your 12 chakra Micrcosmic Orbit system will clear energy blocks and ground you.

You open your Microcosmic Orbit through mediation and chakra breathing. I love chakra breathing as it clears your chakras and helps you learn to control energy. Combined with meditation you will feel awesome when you are done.

So get into your meditation pose. I meditate lying down if that is more comfortable for you.

Start at the root chakra and breathe energy into the chakra when you inhale through your nose. Then when you exhale push the energy up your spine until you reach where the opposite of your sacral chakra would be. Then inhale energy into this chakra when you exhale push the energy to where your solar plexus chakra would be if it was on your spine. Inhale energy into this chakra and then when exhaling push the energy to where your heart chakra would be on your spine. Inhale energy into this chakra when you exhale push the energy up to the back of your neck opposite of the throat chakra. Inhale energy into this chakra and then push the energy up to the bottom of your skull opposite of the third eye chakra. Inhale into this chakra and then push the energy up to the crown chakra as you exhale.

Now continue down the front of your body inhaling and exhaling through the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and finish at the root chakra. You can continue on and go through all 12 chakras again. If you are having trouble breathing in and out of chakras at first it might help to imagine a balloon attached to the chakra and you are blowing it up with energy.

This is the best chakra mediation technique I have ever tried. Plus if you are an over thinker like me this will give you something to do so your mind doesn’t wander during mediation. This will open your chakras and clear your energy pathways of energy blocks. You will also instantly ground by doing this technique. If you are in the kundalin process I highly suggest doing this technique to help the kundalini energy flow and not get trapped. When kundalini energy hits an energy block and gets trapped that energy heats up and can cause all sorts of problems. This mediation technique is good for everyone not just those with kundalini. Once you get this down you will control your energy and be able to do this at anytime. You will master your energy and have much more control over it.

I am in the process of many changes. I cut down my days at my 3 D job so I have more time. I am planning to move and once I am able to move and have decent internet. I will make a mediation video of this technique.

Love and Light,


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