Kundalini energy will be experienced first right before ascension to the 5th dimension. You will feel a rush of energy come up through your feet and then a rush of energy come down your crown chakra. This rush of kundalini energy feels good and is preparing your chakras for ascension. Sometime after ascension full blown kundalini will set in and your body will start it’s change into a lightbody. This process and how long it takes depends on you. I have heard of people having kundalini for 20 years and it has only made it to the 2nd chakra. I had it for 2 years but I am also an energy healer and did daily chakra healings on myself. It still was rough on me at times because I  didn’t know as much about it then as I do now.

Kundalini energy travels from the root chakra to the crown chakra where it is then finished. What slows your kundalini down is energy blockages. Your energy can get blocked in a chakra or meridian. When kundalini energy hits an energy block it becomes trapped and that trapped energy heats up. This can cause many very uncomfortable symptoms and if not taken care of can result in a spiritual crisis. I recently was able to help a lady who had spontaneous kundalini. This lady was bedridden and had to be taken care of by others. I was able to help her by clearing her energy blocks, opening her Microcosmic Orbit and removing all the excess kundalini energy. She is back to normal now. There are people going through kundalini that don’t even know they are. When the symptoms of kundalini get out of control and become painful this is called kundalini syndrome.

Here are some signs that you may need to get help with your kundalini:

Tremors, shaking, itching all over, tingling and/or crawling sensations, especially in arms and legs.

Intense heat coming from inside your body, you just radiate heat. You then sweat all over your body drenching sweat that will soak your clothes and then go into cold chills. This is caused by having an overload of kundalini energy. The energy gets trapped in the body and heats up. Your body responds by sweating to cool it down. Then when the body sweats and cools you are left with freezing cold chills.

You also may have headaches, migraines and/or pressure in head. Pains in the body especially head and neck.

You will have heightened senses that can be uncomfortable. Light, sound, touch and even smells can be too much for you. My sense of smell was so sensitive I could not stand air fresheners,  perfumes or anything unnatural smelling around me it would give me a headache.

Disrupted sleep patterns such as waking up frequently, insomnia or oversleeping.

Disrupted eating patterns overeating some days,  undereating other days, or nighttime eating. I would wake up to eat and I would eat before I went to sleep. This was because I was progressing so much energy in my sleep I would need the calories to replenish my energy.

Skin problems such as rashes and hives. Your body is reacting to the energy by detoxing through the skin. You can also have these issues from too much energy trapped in the body.

Here is how to open your Micrcosmic Orbit through mediatation and chakra breathing.


You can avoid a lot of these symptoms and make kundalini easier and faster by keeping a healthy spiritual body. You need to keep your body free of energy blocks. Not just your 7 main chakras but your higher chakras, meridians, and your Microcosmic Orbit too. If energy can flow through it, it needs to be clear of any blocks so you don’t get trapped energy. The clearer you keep your spiritual body, the easier energy can flow through you. the easier energy can flow through you and do it’s job, the faster you get through kundalini. When the energy gets stuck it stops your progress. Trust me no one wants to be going through kundalini for 20 or 30 years. The sooner you are done the sooner you will have your new lightbody. You will feel 18 years old all the time with your lightbody. Your lightbody will also be very healthy with no diseases or illnesses, these cannot exist in a lightbody. No need to take vitamins or supplements unless you want to. You will get everything you need from food, provided that you have a fairly healthy diet. I have never felt better at 47 than any other time in my life. If I ever do feel bad it’s an energy problem and can be solved with a quick energy healing. Imagine feeling awesome all the time, never having to go to the doctor and never having to take medicine. That is what it is like to have a lightbody and that is what the end result of kundalini will be. So while it may suck to go through the result is an amazing new body and you being the healthiest you have ever been in your life no matter what age you are. I think that makes it all worth it!

Love and Light,


I am a shaman who consciously started my lightworker journey 4 years ago. I have been on that journey my whole life. If you need help just email dawnbailey7771@gmail.com.