The dark forces are coming up with new tricks because lightworkers are ascending and about to claim their rightful power. That’s ok though because so do we. I took time off work last week and spent the whole time in sessions helping lightworkers ascend. It is very rewarding work. After I remove the layers of negative energy and balance their chakras the lightworker ascends right during session.

Implants are placed at the site of old injuries and surgeries.  This way the person thinks they are physically injured. I am finding them on knees, the back, the neck, the head, shoulders etc. So if you have an old injury that is suddenly acting up. It could be an implant. I have people coming to me that are in a lot of pain and the doctor can’t find the reason why there is any pain. Once the implant is removed the body instantly heals itself.

So what they are doing now is sending an overload of energy that basically shuts down every chakra instantly. It happened to me twice Saturday and it feels terrible. I have never had every chakra closed before and when it happens suddenly like that it made me sick.

I was walking into work and coming from 95 degree weather. I suddenly felt like my blood sugar completely crashed. I got a headache, I was shaking and felt nauseous. I thought I overheated but didn’t feel any better when I cooled off. I left work and got a smoothie to try and raise my blood sugar. The smoothie didn’t help so I checked myself when I got home. All my chakras were completely closed. Once I opened them back up all my energy returned and I got instantly better. When your chakras are unbalanced this makes you ungrounded. So if you feel this way balance your chakras and ground as soon as you can.

I did find out about a new chakra this week. I was researching kundalini psychosis because I had a client that was hallucinating due to trapped kundalini energy. I then came across an article.

In this article they said the cure was opening the Microcosmic Orbit connects you to the earth and relieves the symptoms. I started asking questions. It is a chakra located below your feet and above the earth. When I open this chakra it clears all your chakras at once. You can have every chakra inside and outside your body blocked and when you open the Microcosmic Orbit it clears them all at once and instantly grounds you. So those going through severe kundalini symptoms this is what needs to be opened to relieve them.

As I said in my last article if you are experiencing pain and discomfort it is not ascension. Ascension isn’t painful. The only symptoms I had before I ascended was rushes of energy either going down my crown or coming up my feet, and brain rewiring which you feel as a squirming sensation in your head.

The pain and discomfort came after ascension when I began kundalini. This pain was from the kundalini working through my energy blocks. When kundalini energy becomes trapped it heats up the brain and heart center. This can cause painful kundalini symptoms and in worse cases psychosis. Psychosis happens but is rare. If you are experiencing symptoms opening your Microcosmic Orbit chakra should relieve them greatly. I wish I knew this when I was going through it. I was raising my vibration instead of grounding.

The sooner the group going through kundalini finishes. We will have the event. We need enough people that can handle the incoming solar energy for it to happen. Their new lightbodies will filter this event energy. We are very close. This group will be ready soon.

Love and Light,


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