Ascension or Kundalini Awakening Symptoms?

I wrote last night about the difference between ascension and kundalini. You first ascend to 5D then you begin kundalini. Managing the symptoms can be confusing because you do the opposite for ascension that you do for kundalini.

Ascension is achieved by raising your vibration. Meditations especially chakra stimulating ones are what helps raise your vibration. You lived a lot of your life with repressed emotions blocking your chakras and hindering your energy flow. This in turn can cause physical problems due to energy blocks. You eat light foods and may have do other spiritual practices to raise your vibration.

After ascension to 5D you are probably going to go into kundalini pretty soon. After all that work to raise your vibration and open the chakras paid off. Kundalini will now take over and change your body into a lightbody. It used to be kundlini was achieved with someone to help you through it. It is now happening to people in mass numbers pretty quickly all over the world. Kundalini energy starts at the bottom of your spine in the root chakra and then finishes in your crown chakra. It is a process that took me 2 years to complete. When the kundalini energy becomes unbalanced you can have a spiritual crisis from the overload of energy. You can then develop kundalini syndrome. I did and it was miserable to go through. I want to help others avoid that.

Kundalini Syndrome symptoms are:

Inability to regulate body temperature going from burning hot to freezing cold in minutes

Feeling electricity running up and down the spine

The sensation your body is vibrating

Tremors, shaking, and tingling especially in arms and legs

Intense itching all over the body


This is because you are in a higher dimension and need to ground the kundalini energy to the earth. All the work raising your vibration and now you have too much energy. So you need to really be doing grounding activities and cut back on mediation, especially chakra meditations. You should avoid binaural beats and anything else designed to raise your vibration. When you are experiencing too much energy in the body.

How To Treat Kundalini Syndrome

You want to do very grounding activities:

  1. Go out in nature. Do gardening or landscaping get your hands in the earth. Sit and lean against a tree. Walk barefoot or lay down in the grass.
  2. Do physical exercise. You may not feel like it but get up and exercise. Go to the gym and break a sweat. Do sports anything that will help work that energy through your body.
  3.  Do physical labor. Housework, mowing the law, wash your car etc.
  4. Eat heavy meals filled with protein and dairy. Eat root veggies potatoes, carrots etc. You want to eat dense heavy meals during this time. This may be why I started drinking milk after not drinking it so long.
  5. Have a balanced spiritual practice. Find other ways than meditation. It is possible to mediate too much. I know a lady that mediated all the time. This led to her crown and third eye chakras being too open and having to be adjusted a lot. Try to limit mediation to 20 to 30 mins and stay away from chakra ones and binaural beats until you get this under control and the energy balanced.
  6. If you know how to send energy do this a few times a day. Send some energy to the earth or just out in the universe to whoever needs it. The energy will go to wherever you tell it too. At this moment you have extra energy so getting rid of it can help a lot.
  7. Open your Microcosmic Orbit https://soulsisterstruth.com/2018/07/19/opening-your-microcosmic-orbit-with-chakra-breathing/

I know it is confusing to go from raising your vibration to lowering it. Once the earth goes fully 5D grounding won’t be such and issue. As long as you are vibrating so much higher you need to ground a lot. Energy is great but too much energy is not. You want to achieve balanced energy. While not enough energy causes depression too much causes anxiety. We want to have balance in our lives. Incorporate yoga or eft tapping into your spiritual practices. Meditation is great but you don’t want to rely on it alone

I hope this helps!

Much Love and Light,


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. My Blog can be found at: soulsisterstruth.wordpress.com You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com



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  1. Thank You for posting this info, Dawn!!! Been waking to *hot flashes* and electrical Buzzing in the Heart Chakra, felt like i was starting to have a heart attack, these past few days. Looked online, we had been having Geomagnetic Storms last Sat and the other night… That coupled with your Post explains a lot. Much Mahalos and Love for your Guidance to us all! Namaste!

    Liked by you




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