My mind was blown tonight. The huge download I had the other day has surfaced and everything clicked into place. Hopefully this will help others figure out where they are at on their journey and get some relief from what they are going through.

We ascend in groups if all of us ascended at once it would be complete and utter chaos. What I do know is that everyone on earth is ascending except those that chose not to. Those people will continue to descend. That is why we have people hurting themselves and others. Their consciousness is descending. It is not pretty below the 3rd dimension. It is a terrible place to be.


We have a group of people that are ascending and have ascended and don’t know it. I have several coworkers that have ascended and some that are in the process. They don’t know what is happening to them and are going to doctors and hospitals trying to figure out what is wrong with them. They are given clean bills of health and told nothing is wrong with them. I have had 3 coworkers ask or accept my help. This is what lightworkers are for to blend in and help these people. The unawoken that are going through this with no idea of what is happening to them. They will turn to us some already are.

Then we have those about to ascend and know what is going on they are already awoke. I have been lucky enough to have sessions and assist them. They come to me with negative energy that needs to be removed, completely blocked chakras (every chakra is blocked and this is rare to find), and ungrounded. Once I remove all the energy holding them down, unblock their chakras and ground them they ascend.  Most within a couple days but some have during the session. It’s very exciting to see this happening. The dark forces are trying to stop this group from ascending.


We have another group that is going through kundalini. These are the ones that think they have ascension symptoms but are really going through kundalini. You have already ascended to the 5th if you are going through kundalini which is getting your lightbody. Ascension to the 5th isn’t painful. It is really cool and feels very good. I haven’t tripped in 20 years but I remember it and going to the 5th is like tripping. You see hundreds of more colors than you did before, you see in high definition, and colors are clearer and brighter. You feel wonderful. This lasts only a couple of hours then your body adjusts.

After you ascend to the 5th you start kundalini. This is where all the pain comes in. Your whole body is being changed from the inside out. This is getting your lightbody.

You raise your vibration to ascend. After you ascend and are going through kundalini you actually want to lower your vibration. Since everyone is going through this so fast and we have massive energy waves constantly it seems. Many are suffering from kundalini syndrome. This is from too much energy too fast. So if you have having a lot of energy symptoms and pain you actually want to lower your vibration and ground. Trying to raise your vibration is what is causing the kundalini syndrome because you have too much energy already.

For how to open your Microcosmic Orbit


My group already ascended and went through kundalini. We have our lightbodys and are helping others. My group is heavily under attack. We are attacked so we can’t get the information out and help others. We are so focused on ourselves that it’s hard to share and help others. This is on purpose so ascension is delayed for others and people are suffering. My group has to keep doing the work to reach out to others. I know a few that have stopped due to the attacks. We can’t let this happen. It is the plan of the dark forces to hinder or stop us. We can’t give up.We have to keep focused on helping others. It is our mission we can’t stop now.

I just wanted to get this information out. I will write more on how to treat kundalini syndrome. I took 4 days off my 3D job and I am going to concentrate on this. I am going to start making videos on YouTube again and redesign my blogsite also. Thanks to donations I was able to upgrade and buy my domain.

My mission is crystal clear now I went through this to help you through this. As a lightworker I am meant to assist people ascend. It is my mission and job. I take it very seriously and I will do my best when it comes to helping you. The group of lightworkers I am helping now will then assist others to ascend. The light has a master plan too not just the dark.

Nameste, Love and Light,

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. My Blog can be found at: You can email me at: