Implants are awful to have they cause a lot of pain and discomfort. They do not go away on their own and the pain will get worse everyday. I am going to try and describe the pain as it can make you very sick. They also pick only certain spots on your body to put implants. Probably to interfere with your neurotransmitters located in the head and spine. They are trying to block the information sent from your spine to your head.

The most common spots are on the head and back. They stick to the spine on the back. I found the implant on the lower back. I had a client that by the time she came to me she could barely walk. The head is usually the top of the neck or behind your ear, and can feel like something wrapped around your head. Last night it started behind my right ear then wrapped around to my forehead and then over the top of my head. I was able to clear it eventually but experience a quite a bit of pain before I did.

The pain starts out as a sore spot. It is tender to touch. Then you can feel the pain spread and pulsate. It hurts your head to cough. The pain is similar to a toothache. This is becuse your nerves are affected. My friend had one and eventually the pain made her throw up. The pain was so bad she almost went to the ER after throwing up all night. She contacted me the next morning and I removed it. She was then better. The pain radiates and spreads and gets worse. If you think you have an implant contact me if you want it removed. I work by donation.

Another thing I noticed is that I am going through some ascension symptoms mentally. I have already gone through the physical ascension that many others are going through now. Now I am going through mental and emotional ascension while others are going through the physical. I noticed the last two Tuesday’s I was hit with sudden intense anxiety. At the same time some major energy came through on the Schumann Resonance. So those of you done with the physical ascension and thought you were done with ascension symptoms. We aren’t done we are going through mental and emotional ascension. We have to go through this to be mentally and emotionally strong. We have to be able to have complete control of our emotions and thoughts. These up and down emotions that are caused by energy shifts are training you to have control. There has to be a balance between heart and mind to be fully in control. When faced with this intense anxiety I go into mediation. This seems to help me calm down and get a grip. When the anxiety hits it is sudden. Your mind will find something to be anxious about. The only thing to calm this down is mediation. I must admit I became lazy about mediation and slacked off. I would tell myself that as long as I was doing spiritual stuff I could skip mediation. Nope I need to meditate and calm my mind. Mediation worked better than acupuncture on my anxiety. The energy that came through Tuesday was so intense it blocked my left knee chakras and my left knee swelled.

Whether you are going through physical, mental or emotional ascension symptoms the same thing applies. Practice self care mediation, salt baths, eating healthy and drinking water. Whatever you have found to help you get through this do it. Take care of yourself as much as you can. If you don’t the universe will make sure you slow down and practice self care. I learned a long time ago to listen to what I need and do it. I don’t need the universe to step in and make me do it or it will be a lot more dramatic. When going through the physical ascension I neglected my self care and spiritual practices. I then spent most my days off in bed. Learn from my mistakes and please do your daily spiritual  and self care practices. You don’t want the universe to step in and force you to do what you should be doing. I had a Tower moment. Now when the Tower card shows up in my reading I know to pay attention to myself I can then sometimes advert the disaster. Tarot readers will know what I am talking about.

When I don’t write for awhile it’s because I am going through some stuff that I will write about. It’s been two weeks since my last blog. I am not one to just make up stuff to write about. I really have to have some information that needs to be passed on. I am going to try and make some videos again too.

I know this is hard for everyone to be going through. Ascension is no joke and a lot of the hard stuff is left out of what we read and watch. It is painful and you may feel like giving up. Which is why we are having the increase in suicides. Some people won’t make it and opt out. They aren’t ready for the shift. We are getting ready for the big shift to a 5D earth. Our bodies could not handle this energy shift, we are being upgraded so we can. You will have a brand new body when this is over. All bodies spiritual, emotional, mental and physical will be balanced and healthy.

I am having more coworkers turn to me for help. They aren’t particularly spiritual people but as I was working on them to my surprise they were high dimensional. There are people who are walking around in 5D and higher that have no idea. We are just aware and they aren’t. We are just more informed. So we are well on our way to a 5D earth. We are getting closer everyday. The energy coming in is pushing everyone into 5D that chooses to do so. Some won’t make it but most will.

As always much love


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