The dark forces have been busy in my life. The last 2 weeks have been rough. They can’t get to me spiritually anymore and they have figured that out. So they are going for my 3D life. This has caused me worry and stress because of illusion they have set up. I finally have been able to see through it. They specialize in deception and trickery that causes you undue stress, grief, and worrying. We all know that can drain you and drag you down. If this has been happening to you it probably started around 2 weeks ago give or take. Threatening someone’s safety and security is a surefire way to distract them and have them lower their own vibration. Since they can no longer lower our vibration through psychic attacks. They will cause situations in your life that will cause you to do this on your own.

It started with the death of an animal that I cared about a lot. This caused me some trauma. I was able to heal from it but it was a terrible loss for me. Then my debit card got cancelled by a bank in another state accidentally. Car problems, relationships problems, work problems, typing this blog problems (my cursor was erasing letters), just a lot of problems one after the other and it started to wear me down.

When this happens to you one thing after another it is easy to sink into a dark place. You might think you are cursed or have bad karma coming to you. This is not true things are being manipulated around you to cause you worry and distress. Since they no longer can do this directly to you.

On the emotional frequencies scale fear, worry and doubt are at the bottom. This will cause you to lower your own vibration. You may feel overwhelmed and just want to crawl in bed and isolate. I know I did. I just wanted to give up. We have to fight this feeling because that is exactly what they want you to do. We have to see through this illusion that is threatening our safety and security.

You stop it by breaking out of those feelings and seeing through this illusion. We have many illusions we have to see through on our journey. That we are victims who have no control over our lives is one of them. We just have to take our power back and know that we are fine and will make it through this. Seeing through the deception and trickery is a big step. Just us knowing we can be the calm eye of the storm while the hurricane is around us is another step. This is a test of faith that will soon pass.

While this can cause you discomfort and emotional upheaval it is temporary and completely under your control.  You can stop the interference by seeing through the illusion and knowing you are going to be ok. Keep the faith and trust that everything will be fine. We are loved and protected at all times. Don’t give up and keep on your journey you were dong something right or they wouldn’t bother with you. You have to power to create and control your life. You are on a path to be the master of your destiny nothing and no one can take this away from you. Only you can by giving up.

You got this. If I can do it anyone can.

Love and Light,


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