I really understand what turning the other cheek means now. The general public is acting worse and worse. They are lashing out at other people. They are angry and rude and will test your patience. I was in line at a drive thru today. I placed my order and pulled my car up. The way the drive through is it was hard to pull up all the way past the speaker. The car behind me was honking, making rude hand gestures, and by the looks of it cussing me out. At first I was going to not move and make this person wait. Then I was like is it really worth it and pulled up a couple inches more. When I pulled up to the window to pay. The employee handed me my order and said it is on the house. I am pretty sure they heard the tirade from the speaker even though I didn’t. My turning the other cheek was rewarded.

This is happening more frequently. People erupting in anger over very small things. It is our job as lightworkers to have compassion and let this not anger us. Regardless if whether or not you think you are a lightworker. We all are if we are spreading love and light on this earth.

I have had people I have know a long time be downright nasty to me for no reason. They think they have a reason at the time to explode in anger. When they calm down they see that they didn’t really have a reason. I see the negative energy on them when I look behind their angry faces. The anger is this negative energy reacting to my energy and it’s a cry for help. At first I wanted to react back. Then I saw the pattern. These people needed their energy cleared. After clearing the energy in the room which then cleared theirs. They went back to normal.

Those not ready for these energy shifts and that aren’t aware are having a tough time. Since when you take in account that only a small number of people are aware of what is going on. We have to be proactive in helping others. When you are in public clear the energy around you. It is up to us to transmute the energy. We have lightbodies and are capable of this. We carry huge amounts of light within us. It is now time to spread that light as much as we can. When someone comes at you in anger for no reason turn the other cheek. Arguing with someone who is angry doesn’t help this person it just causes more anger.

I know it’s hard as we instinctively stand up to injustice. The first time I was confronted by an angry stranger I tried to reason calmly with them. This only made them more angry. I then gave it right back to them. The second time someone accused me of doing something to them I didn’t do. I told them to watch where they were going. They then really exploded at me causing a scene. Then I recognized the pattern and realized these people were coming to me for help. They were drawn to me because I hold the light that can clear their darkness. Now I just let it go and clear the energy.

Since the waves of ascension energy started coming through we are living in many dimensions on the same planet and it looks to be staying that way for now. Our job is to clear the darkness with our light. That is what lightworkers do. It is our job. We have to step up and do our job. Wherever we go we must clear the energy.

There are 2 types of people and how they handle emotional pain. Those that hurt themselves and those that hurt others. Some internalize the pain and suffer depression and anxiety. Some will lash out at those around them. Sadly even children and animals the innocent, will be targets for their anger. Since we are holding love and light we will be targets too.

There are a lot of emotionally immature people that can’t handle these strong emotions. A huge part of my journey has been developing emotional control and not having judgement towards others. Especially those that are not aware or on their journey. Lightworkers your job is to use your skills to help those who are not on the path to awareness. I had a spiritual partner for a few years. She early on her journey made it clear to the universe she only wanted to deal with high dimensional people. I never made that statement and now I see why. These people that are in the lower dimensions are the ones I am supposed to help. I know we are told to surround ourselves with those with the same vibration but this is not true for lightworkers. We are going in the trenches to help those lower vibrational people. We were strategically placed where we are supposed to be. This was very hard for me to accept as I really want to move to a nicer climate. I told the universe this week I will stay where I am. The deal is give me something to work with here. Staying broke and stuck is no longer an option for me. I need resources to build what I want to build. So if you are a lightworker start making plans help is on the way.

Yes it is hard to turn the other cheek but it is the only way to handle what is happening around us. I am not in any means saying to put up with abuse. Never put up with any form of abuse. We are protected no harm will come to us. This doesn’t mean we can act recklessly. We can however change our reaction when faced with angry people by not reacting. Then quietly taking care of the energy because that is what we do. We transmute dark energy into light.

Love and Light,


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. My Blog can be found at: soulsisterstruth.wordpress.com You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com