Each dimension has tests you have to pass to go to get initiated to the next dimension. The test you have to pass to go from the 4th to the 5th dimension is not getting caught in an ego trap. Your ego is what will keep you from going onto the 5th dimension.

The ego needs constant validation that you are right. When you live from your heart you know it’s right and don’t need this validation. Your ego will need to constantly be fed validation that your way is the right way. Your heart know that your way is the right way for you but not everyone else. When we push our way onto other people we are really seeking confirmation that it is the right way and we therefore are right too. The ego is always seeking the need to be right the heart on the other hand doesn’t need to be right. The heart just knows and lets other people find their way. The heart accepts people as they are. The ego wants everyone to be like us and if they aren’t that makes us better than them.

How To Know You Are In An Ego Trap

You feel you are superior to someone else because you do something that they don’t do. Your ego takes a great idea like going vegan, stop watching tv, doing yoga, or mediating and twists it into that you are better than or more special than another person that doesn’t do the things. If you find yourself feeling self-righteous superiority towards others you are in an ego trap. If you look down on others not following the same path as you, you are in an ego trap. This ego trap you are in will keep you from ascending.

We are being given a chance to ascend as a group. There is no longer any need to do this alone like others before you have. This is now a group effort by everyone on earth. As it was before very few people made it out of the 4th dimension because of ego. The purpose of the dark night of the soul is to go inside for answers and not seek answers in external things. The food you eat, whether or not you watch tv or do yoga, those are external things you do for yourself. That doesn’t mean those things will work for everyone else, that everyone is ready to do those things or that it will even be right for someone else. When you want everyone to be like you and do things the way you do, you are a follower. You need other people and their actions to validate yours. When you want to do what is right for you and only for that reason you are feeding your heart. This is how you become a leader. You set an example for others to follow.

You will never completely destroy your ego you transcend it and rise above it’s limitations. When you transcend your ego you will ascend.

Love and Light


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