We all have energetic cords. Some positive and some not so positive. This is an invisible cord of energy that connects you to another person. Most cords pose no problem energy flows through them between the 2 people that share a cord. I will focus on the negative ones that endanger your spiritual health. It isn’t difficult to remove these cords for the most part. What is difficult is recognizing you have a cord that is affecting your energy.

Signs of Having an Energetic Cord:

1. Having negative thoughts you would normally not have that you can’t stop. This is usually coming from the person you share the cord with. This is coming from their energy and how they think. Not being able to stop thinking about this person is a sign you have a cord.

2. A feeling as if  you are drained of energy. These cords usually attach to a chakra. Chakras are our vortex’s of energy located in our body. So a cord on your chakra would cause an energy drain as this energy is going through the cord to the person you share it with. Chakras most likely affected would be sacral, solar plexus and heart.

3. Feeling physically sick nausea, achy, flu like symptoms this is from the vibrational differences between you and the person you share the cord with. If your vibration is higher this lower energy can cause you to feel sick. You will immediately feel better after the cord removal.

Sometimes the cord is intentional but this is rare. For someone to cord you on purpose they would have to have some spiritual skills, abilities, and knowledge of energy. Most people are unconscious of the cord and don’t know they are draining your energy. So most cords will be someone you have interacted with in your life.

How to Cut the Cord

There are many ways to cut an energetic cord:

If you can feel energy use your hand to feel for the energy of the cord and then pull it off with the intention of cutting it.

If you can see energy look for the cord to be attached most of the time to a chakra. Then cut the cord.

If you can neither see or feel energy yet. Take a piece of paper and draw stick figures. Label each figure yourself and the other person with a cord connecting you. Then take scissors and cut the paper and the cord.

Always let the person go with love and light. Also revoke all permission this person had to your energy. If you don’t revoke permission the cord can grow back when you interact with this person again.

If the cord has been on a long time and has some relationship trauma behind it. The cord may have grown roots. In this case you might want to seek the help of a healer. I had a cord removed from a traumatic 7 year relationship. The healer had to really work to pull that cord off. It was attached to my sacral chakra. I was laying down and she was pulling the cord. My stomach puffed up really big and when she finally was able to pull the cord off my stomach sunk in like a deflated balloon. This was a cord that had been attached for 7 years and had grown roots around my chakra. Most cords are not this serious and much easier to remove.

Healers, life coaches, and anyone that exchanges energy with clients. It is very important to keep yourself free of cords. We can’t help clients if we are drained of our energy. I made the mistake of letting a client cord me trying to help her. Never ever do this. I suffer greatly from this. She then kept cording me until I was sick and drained of energy. I had no idea she had skills to keep intentionally cording me until I was in bad shape. It took a lot of work to solve this problem. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Energy should only be exchanged with permission and awareness of the energy exchange. Then all cords of energy removed.

As I said before energetic cords are one of the easiest to solve. The hard part is figuring out you have a cord. I described some methods of removal above. There are many methods and YouTube has lots of videos about this subject. I will put one I send to my clients that I found simple and informative.


As Always Love and Light.


My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. My Blog can be found at: soulsisterstruth.wordpress.com You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com