We All Have The Same Mission

We all have the same mission. The first part of your mission is healing and learning to love yourself. You do this by unlearning all you were taught about yourself and then discovering the real you. You learn your authentic truth and discover the real you.

The second part is when you are ready to take all that you learned in healing yourself go out and help others. Your methods may not work for everyone but they will help someone. There is someone out there with a journey similar to yours, that could benefit from your experiences.

So your mission is service to others. What you have to figure out is how to help others with your experiences. This can be working in the healing arts. It could be just spreading or making information accessible to others. It could be listening or just being kind to someone who is having a hard time. We all have a job and that job is very important in the over all big picture.

In figuring out your part in the big picture:

What are you good at? Are you a writer, artist, a good listener, or good with technology? Your talent can help others if you develop it. Maybe writing a blog or making videos is for you. You may be a good listener and able to reach others with your experiences, maybe consider life coaching.

What makes your heart happy? When you are at your happiest what are you doing? When you are on your mission of helping others you will feel inspired and excited. This won’t seem like work at all and bring you joy.

You feel supported by the universe. When you begin our mission of helping others. The universe will be fully behind you. You will meet people that will help you along the way. You will notice synchronicities happen more. These are all signs you are on the right path.

When you are on your true mission life will be a lot smoother. There will still be up’s and down’s but for the most part it will flow. The universe totally supports you and your mission at all times. When you are healed and ready the universe has your back and is ready to make everything you need to accomplish your mission available to you. You just have to reach for the stars and your dreams will come true.

This site was created to spread awareness, love and truth to others.  I have finally completed my kundalini journey.  Now I have been urged to share everything with you and educate you, so that you may complete yours.

I have created The Lightworker Channel… on YouTube along with this blog for Energy Updates and Kundalini educational videos for Lightworkers. Please join me on this journey, you don’t have to do this journey alone.

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