The event is a process and it has to be that way for the greater good of all on this planet. The event energy has affected and reached everyone on earth. There is no one left in the 3rd dimension. We are all in 4D or higher now. This doesn’t mean all 3D behaviors will disappear but we are making progress.

There are levels in each dimension. You work your way through the levels of a dimension by passing tests and then an initiation to the next dimension. The focus of the 4th dimension is learning knowledge and shedding ego. Not only learning knowledge but using that knowledge to create change. You are learning how to become more self-aware and shedding all that you were taught in your 3D existence to find your truth. You are discovering the real you that was dampened by the 3D reality you were living and freeing yourself from your 3D attachments. After you have found your truth and transcended enough of your ego, you will then proceed to the 5th dimension and start living the truth you found in the 4th dimension. This is a process that has to be done as every dimension has learning experiences and tests that have to be passed. In order to be initiated to the next dimension. There is no skipping dimensions and the work for each one. Since everyone is 4D or higher now we are so much closer to our 5D earth.

My coworkers at my 3D job have been complaining about ascension symptoms. They have no idea they are ascending at this time. So it is entirely possible to have experienced the event energy and have not felt it or seen it. If you were in the 3rd you will have not felt anything because you have to be open to energy. If you can’t see or feel energy yet, which is what happens when you are working in the 4th dimension. You can be in the 4th dimension and not feel this energy if you haven’t developed this part of yourself yet. It has happened to everyone and you may notice those around you are starting to have the same symptoms you did but they are not just aware enough yet to know they are ascending. When they are ready they will come to you for help. Just be the lighthouse and hold the light. Like a moth to a flame they will be attracted to you.

We said we wanted a 5D earth and we are getting it. All our work paid off. It’s just a process and not immediate. There is not going to be a big event to push everyone into 5D yet. If you are waiting for this to happen please go on with your life. We have to wait for others to catch up. It is happening we have to be patient. We must focus on the greater good for everyone on earth not just on ourselves. We are building and creating the 5D earth for everyone not just ourselves.

There are many videos and blogs about the event and people that have experienced it. This does not make these people special or better than anyone else. I see some that have experienced it are having some ego issues. First responders are just there to experience things first and then tell others. Doesn’t make them better than anyone else. They just are in a different place on their journey and put the work in to get there. One big lesson of higher dimensions is humbleness.  I have to do ego checks all the time like some may do reality checks. I ask myself all the time is this coming from a place of ego. I am where I am because I worked on my spiritual journey all most all the time for 4 years. I went into debt and focused all my energy on this journey. I didn’t work for 2 years and learned and studied 24/7. My daughters are grown and I only had to focus on myself. I know this is not possible for everyone to do. They have responsibilities and children to take care of and support. This is all exactly how it is supposed to be. We are first responders so we can help others by what we have already been through. Not because we are special but so we can use our experience to help you. We all have the same opportunities. I wasn’t born this way I worked at it. You can work at it too. You have gifts because we all do. Gifts isn’t really the right word because you work for them it isn’t just given to you. It’s more like abilities and we all have them. You just have to work at becoming a tarot reader, spiritual healer or medium etc, that you want to be. You can do anything if you put the work in and want it enough.

This isn’t a race or a completion. We are all going to the same place and working for the same outcome. I am here to help you with my experiences and so are others. There is no need for anyone to go through this alone anymore. There are people to help you that have been through what you are going through. This is part of the universe’s divine plan and the plan is working. We just have to trust in the process and have faith that everything is happening just as it should be and in the time it is meant to.

Much Love and Light,


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