We all were lied to when we were growing up. I don’t think parents intentionally told us lies or tried to harm us with the lies. They were lied to too. These lie’s led us into the mess this world is in at this moment. These were illusions passed on from generation to generation. Everyone believed these lies and illusions and they passed them on to their children.

Now the world is full of materialistic greedy people and companies that take advantage of the underdog. Banks charging the poor especially minorities for not having enough money in their account. The solution of the bank is to take more money from people that don’t have it, because if they did have it. It would be in the bank. Greedy corporations paying minimum wage when they rake in millions of dollars. Our medical costs are the highest in the world. We pay a lot of money to insurance companies only for them to not cover many services that we need and charge huge deductibles. Big Pharma charges hundreds if not thousands for the same medicine other countries offer at a much lower cost. College students can pay a hundred thousand dollars or more to come out of college and not even get a job. Then they pay outrageous student loans for degrees they don’t even use because they can’t get a job. I know I went to college and racked up thousands of dollars in loans and don’t even use my degree. I make more money as a server. Young people today are so in debt they can’t buy houses or save money. Corporations complain they are going out of business because millennial’s don’t buy their products. When you have rent and want to eat, diamonds, dryer sheets, and unnecessary items are just not in the budget for most young people. That is what happens when you don’t pay people enough and you throw a bunch of debt on them. Only the wealthy get ahead in our society. Most of us just get by.

We were all told at a young age we have to go to college to get anywhere in life. Most of us weren’t encouraged to do a trade, start our own business or be creative in any way. We were told to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer. Go to college and get a 4 year degree so you can get a job in a large coporation. No one told us what a cess pool a corporation can be. How miserable it would be to work in to corporate world. Where its dog eat dog. Now thousands of people are leaving the corporate world to pursue their dream jobs. Just think if we had done our dream job instead of college in our 20’s where we would be today. But we did as we were told because we wanted our families to approve of us. We wanted to be accepted in the world and being creative instead of making a lot of money was looked down on.

Even corporations have karma in how they treat people. We have seen many large corporations suffer some karma lately. Facebook is in a lot of trouble. Corporations are getting in trouble for selling our data or getting hacked and losing or information. Big pharma, sports, colleges, Hollywood, the media and organizations are in trouble. Sexual harassment and pedophilia seem to have been running rampant and people are getting caught. They are going down in very a public way. People are going to prison and losing their positions and money. Their lives are being destroyed because they destroyed others lives.

We were told that religion is about love. While at the same time being told we were sinners and going to hell. We have seen people getting treated terribly because of their beliefs. We have seen terrorist attacks and wars fought over religions. Millions of people have died because of religion. Yet it is all about love we are told. Heaven and hell are within us. You choose what you want in your heart and soul. Heaven is love and hell is hate. You get to choose.

I am seeing religious leaders go down too. These leaders and figures have been using their beliefs to control and abuse their followers. Spiritual and religious leaders sexually abusing and taking the people’s money that trusted them.

People are losing their jobs because of racist or sexual comments. People are losing their jobs and careers because of sexually inappropriate behavior and racist or sexist views. The sad thing is they take innocent people with them.Their children and families suffer because of their actions.

Our government is such a mess that I could write about it forever. This week Atlanta’s court system was hacked and held for ransom. They had to cancel court because of this and people’s information may get out. We see politicians going down for sexual assault, domestic violence, having sex and stalking underage girls, lying, cheating and being racist. Republicans and democrats fight endlessly and never get anything done. A billionaire businessman and reality show host now runs our country because people are sick of lying cheating politicians. Trump won because no one liked or trusted any of the other candidates. Not because he has experience but because he wasn’t a politician. I don’t take sides in politics. I am not into it. A wise man named Gregg Prescot said ” Political parties are just the same shit in a different toilet”. I totally agree with him. It’s not who is the best candidate. It is who is he lesser of 2 evils. I mean look at Flint, MI they still don’t have drinkable water. Their government wanted a cheaper way of providing water and poisoned people. Politicians and doctors lied and are getting in trouble for giving people and children lead poisoning on purpose.

We were told only money mattered. We were valued on our cars, houses, status and possessions. We wanted to get rich and buy the latest car, phone, the best clothes, and jewelry. So we went to work to buy these things. No problem if you couldn’t afford it because here is a credit card with a outrageous interest rate. Then when you can’t pay your credit card, here is a high interest loan to pay off your credit cards. It doesn’t matter if you are deeply in debt just make the minimum payments, so your credit score is high so you can borrow more money. Doesn’t matter if you spend all your money buying your kids things and didn’t put money away for their college because they can get student loans. This was all a trap and we fell for it for awhile. I think millennial’s will be breaking this cycle. They simply can’t afford it. They are learning to live on little and not splurge. As this generation grows up it will leave a huge gap in the market. Stores and malls are closing everyday and they blame the millennial’s. Pretty soon Amazon and Walmart will all that is left if this keeps up.

I choose to spend my money at small businesses. Independently owned if possible. I avoid large stores as much as I can for two reasons. I don’t like stores where I have to buy milk at one end and then walk 20 aisles to get bread. I also don’t like the large crowds of increasingly rude people. I would much rather go to a farmers market than a large grocery store. I don’t mind paying a little bit more money to go to a smaller store than to Walmart. I would much rather support a small business owner than a large corporation.

We as consumers have the power to support who we want. Where we spend our money is totally up to us. Since this world is all about money and taking from people who have less of it. You can choose to pay an extra dollar or drive an extra block to spend your money to support the smaller businesses. This world was a lot better place when we had the Mom and Pop stores and restaurants. Quality was a lot better too. Food was healthier and tasted better. Meat is injected with water so it weighs more so it costs more. Stores and restaurant charge the same for smaller packaging and portions.  They think we don’t notice getting less for the same price. This way they save money without raising prices. The whole system is designed to rip people off so they can make more and more money.

This has deteriorated in a horrible situation and people are suffering, so other people can make a lot of money off the suffering. People are going without the food and medicine they need in one of the richest countries in the world. Our taxes are spent on any other thing than actually helping the people that pay them. This is all about to change. Karma energy has arrived and people are going to pay. We will see more greedy people and corporations going down.

It is up to us to make this right. We can do this buy spreading love and holding those accountable that are not doing the right thing. I love seeing people peacefully protest. I may not even believe in what they are protesting. It still makes me happy and proud that people are standing up for what they believe in. The survivors of the Florida school shooting I admire greatly. They have gotten laws changed. Corporations are withdrawing their support of large wealthy organizations because these kids have stood up for change because of what they went through. When I was in high school I don’t know if I would have been this brave after going through what they went through.

Boycotting is a powerful tool too. There are many companies that I refuse to spend my money at. Jimmy John’s is one of them. The owner is or was a big game hunter. I refuse to give my money to that company for this reason even though I love the food. If I hear of a company with unfair or dirty practices. I no longer shop there even if it inconveniences me

We have the power with our money to hold these companies and corporations accountable. We have power with social media for our voices to be heard. We actually have all the power to change the system. The illusion is we don’t but we do. We have been told we have no power and to just go along with it. To work 9 to 5 jobs we hate to pay bills and die. We don’t have to live that way. We have the power to change this.

We have all the power because we stand for love and the truth. If we try there is no way we can fail at this.

We Have All The Power!

Love and Light.

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com