Just when we think we have healed everything along comes our twinflame. When this happens you are in for a wild ride!! The up’s and downs of a twinflame relationship do have a purpose. The time apart and the breakups do too. The purpose is that last bit of healing you need before you begin to build a new life. Be prepared for it to bring up issues that can go all the way back to childhood. This is about balancing the female and male energy in you and in your twinflame.

I met my TF in September 1016. We right away were very attracted to each other that went deeper than just physical attraction. There was an energy attraction. The first 4 months were a whirlwind. Then I began to feel something was off. I felt the energy shift in the relationship. I began to notice he had problems with women. He didn’t have any respect for women. These issues came from his childhood. He kept doing things I felt were disrespectful to me. He on the other hand saw no problems with his behavior. His behavior towards me and women triggered issues in me.

At first I focused on his behavior and not enough on my own. I then realized from triggers that were going on I had some work to do on myself. I left him in June 2017 which was the first of many times. I was having constant negative thoughts and was in a bad place by now. I usually stay stuck a bit then begin to search for answers. The answer was to focus on myself and work with the triggers.

My issues I discovered were all the way back to childhood and how I related to my father. I had developed codependency. My father lived with us but was never there really. The only time he paid any attention to us was when he punished us. He ignored us the rest of the time. We were always told children should be seen not heard. So being scared of him and his temper because of being punished. I was always walking on eggshells. I also began to think only how other people felt mattered not how I felt. This was how I developed codependency a relationship addiction. You try and fulfill yourself with relationships. This never works because you attract toxic ones. So they all came to the same painful end. I had bad caretaking issues that smothered my partner. I thought I was helping but I actually was controlling with my caretaking. I was also smothering him and he had no reason to grow. I was taking care of everything for him. I also had no boundaries at all.

After breaking up and getting back together the last 6 months of 2017. I realized we were in a cycle. After the breakup he would go back to his old ways. I would forgive and take him back. Then clean up the mess he made. Be happy for a time. Then he would do something I found disrespectful and leave again. On New Years Day 2018 I said to the universe “Please show me the relationships that are not good for me”.  Only ask this if you are prepared to lose a few relationships because it happened very fast. That night something he did was brought to my attention and I left him for good. I blocked him and refused to speak or see him.

Right after I left him I came down with my first bout of the flu. I laid there sick and feverish and thought about my life and what I needed to change. After I was better I started bogging regularly. I reached out to people and people reached out to me. I submitted my first article to In5D and they published it! Thank you Gregg Prescot! I began realizing things about myself and working on them. I realized I didn’t need my TF in my life. I could have a life without him and I began to build my 5D life. The blessings keep coming in and there is a lot of energy and divine happenings going on. Things are happening to me that only the universe can have a hand in. My and the universe are working together now. No more resistance from me I am going with the flow finally!

I had a second bout of the flu in February. I began to get even more productive about my future. I was building and creating it! This is why I felt the flu was a spiritual awakening. I realized I didn’t need to take care of a man that lived 54 years without me and I was acting more like a mother towards him. I had no boundaries and began to put them up. I began talking to him again in the beginning of March again. It turned out he had been working on himself too while we were apart. He had made big changes in his life and growth too!

I started hanging out with him again and this time there was no mess for me to clean up. He was completely capable of taking care of himself. He actually always had been. We are easing back into a healthy relationship. He gives and not only takes. I give him space and don’t mother and smother him. He healed himself and I healed myself. This is the whole reason of a TF relationship.

The breaks you take from your TF are times of healing yourself from all that was triggered. It is healthy for your relationship and for yourself. March and April have energies that bring about TF reunions. You took that break to heal and build your life. Now you come back together healed and ready to build a life with them. The most important thing you learned is that you will be ok without them. You actually can flourish with or without them. You are a whole healthy person now and so are they. This will most likely be the healthiest relationship you ever had. There is balance now. There is no more need. I no longer feel I need anyone. I complete my life.

I hope this helps anyone that has gone through the TF experience or is about too. It is a journey well worth taking.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com