Well something is defiantly going on. I have become a sky watcher lately. This last week I see a lavender pick haze in the sky hanging over my city. I was in the car and noticed a lavender pink cloud over me.No other clouds in the sky looked like this. Birds are acting very strange too. I can see stars everywhere in the sky. I used to be able to only see stars in the country here. So something is up.

This lavender pink I see in the sky lately just seems to be hanging over my city. I googled Dayton, Oh, to see if I am on one of the earths ley lines and to my surprise I am. I always thought of where I live as lacking in spiritual energy. I guess I was wrong it is quite active. I haven’t felt the energy since last Sunday it seems to be just hanging there over the city. I see this energy during the day so it is not a sunset, which is what it looks like to me. Fluerbrun talks about the lavender pink in the sky on her YouTube channel. Here is the link to one of her videos talking about it.

I have seen some comments from people that felt the same energy I felt, but on different days. So it is coming in waves. I felt very energetic and excited. My heart was beating very fast. I haven’t felt it again since last Sunday but other people have. It is very important to ground when you feel it. This helps the energy move through you and anchors you to the earth. So the energy can run through you and back into the earths ley lines. Ley lines connect the earths energy centers in a grid like pattern. Energy runs through these ley lines. So it is important to ground yourself as soon as you feel the energy.

Here is a link to a video this lady describes the energy accuratly.


I felt a little burned out the last couple days. When you feel like this is important to practice self care and take a break. Maintaining a balance in life is important right now. You are ascending on a collective. I can tell by what energy I am removing from people. It has been ET energy which is usually what happens before and after ascension to the 5th. This energy is meant to hold you down and make ascension harder. I am finding it on people I have worked with awhile and used to only remove 4D energy from. So ascension is happening on a mass scale. These waves of energy are causing ascension to happen. A lot of people are right on the edge of the 4th dimension about to go to the 5th dimension. When I say dimensions I mean dimensions of consciousness.

Many are experiencing the ascension flu. This is your 3D body reacting to the 5D energy. Here is a link to signs and symptoms of the ascension flu:


This is a very exciting time and we are lucky to be alive and experience it. I know I am excited. Please just try and stay positive. I noticed that people that are stuck in a negative way of thinking seem not to be taking this energy as well. It seems to enhance what ever space your mind is in. Keep high vibes soul sisters and brothers!

Much Love,

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend.  You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com