I did a tarot reading asking “Where we were in the event”. These are the cards with short interpretations. If anybody else want to add anything please do. I used 10 card Celtic Cross spread.
Card 1. 7 pentacles reversed
You may feel you have put a lot of work in with no results or rewards.
Card 2. Death
There is an ending occurring that is making a transformation possible. This not a literal death.
Card 3. Hanged man
We need to willingly surrender to an experience or situation. There will be an uncomfortable time before an epiphany occurs.
Card 4. Chariot reversed
There was a loss of direction and will along with a lack of discipline this time has recently passed.
Card 5. 5 cups reversed
Acceptance, moving on, and finding peace with our emotions is our present goal.
6. 4 swords reversed
If we don’t do what the previous card says this will lead to burn out, restlessness and stress.
7. 7 cups
Our current choices create our future. Our dreams and desire keep us transfixed with the wondrous potential our lives have. The danger here is we are so focusing on how the event will fulfill all our wishes we may be missing out on the big picture.
8. 3 swords
Sorrow caused by knowledge. Truths will be revealed and this will cause understanding. You have the ability to determine how you will think about it, experience it and ultimately fold it in your world view.
9. King swords reversed
The world is consumed with cruelty, weakness and manipulation. Everyone only thinks about themselves. This how a lot of people deal with the knowledge revealed by the 3 of swords the card before this card.
10. The Devil
The world is full of greed, materialism and addictions that affects the soul and causes separation from spirituality and the soul.
The overall card for the entire spread is The Wheel this card is about Karma and changes and cycles.
So this reading tells me that we for one are focusing a lot of energy on ourselves and how the event will change our lives and not focusing it on the greater good of the world. We are expecting it to change us immediately but it is really is changing the world at this time. We need to only focus positive energy into it. This is the law of attraction at work the LOA works best when we ask for something for everyone and not just for ourselves. So we need to move on accept what is happening and just create positive energy so we don’t create stress and burnout which is negative energy. It will happen we just nee to be patient. The world has to be changed first for it to affect us individually. We may not feel the event is happening because we are focusing on ourselves. Put positive energy out into the world to get the energy moving again.
If anyone has a different point of view about this spread please leave a comment
Love and Light
Dawn Bailey

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