The time of the event is getting closer. I feel it is any day now. Now is not the time to panic. Now is the time to draw on that inner strength we have built up inside ourselves. We need to have calm control and bring forward our inner strength. We need to maintain balance and stay strong. Yesterday I felt sharp pains in my body especially my legs. It wasn’t unbearable but I felt it. This was energy but not negative energy. It was transforming energy. My digestion was messed up too. Then I had night sweats last night. So there is some major energy going on.

I am sure you have been hearing and reading a lot about the event. I am not one of those spiritual people that refuse to acknowledge the negative and write only about the positive. Sugarcoating things and keeping people in the dark is not my way. It probably gets people to like you more and you get nicer comments. I believe in the truth and always will. I had a comment that said my article about the event was fear based. No it is not fear based it is truth based. I truly have no desire to scare people. I have a desire to tell people the truth. The truth can be scary. This journey can be scary at times. Anyone having gone through psychic attacks have been scared. Anyone healing their shadow self has been scared. That is why there are so many still asleep. They are more comfortable staying how they are. Than facing the pain and suffering of healing and changing. This isn’t meant to be comfortable and safe it is meant to make you the best person you can be. This whole journey is about you becoming who you were meant to be. Then using your experience to help others through it.

The event will not be positive for everyone on earth. I read many articles and watch many videos that say this but it simply is not true. I read an article this morning that resonated with me. Here is the link:

We are not going to suffer. I do know that. We will be fine. I feel no need to run out and stock up on food and water. I feel everything we need will be provided to us. Your children and families will be fine. Your work covered them. You did this journey for everyone not just yourself.

Who will suffer will be the worst of the worst of humanity. Those that intentionally hurt and prey on others. Those that have lived their lives harming people and taking pleasure from it. Those people will be the ones suffering. Their vibration is extremely low and they won’t be able to take this energy. All that pain and suffering they caused will be turned around on them. This is karma playing out.

Our family and friends are not going to suffer just because they aren’t fully awake. You did the work for them. I met a man 2 years ago. He is not awake yet. Yet he has been going through the upgrades and he has been being prepared for this event. I know by what he tells me is happening to him. He is not aware he has been being prepared. So even people who are not awake and aware are ready for the event. Our children are ready they can handle this energy. You did the work to prepare your family, friends and spouses. They are ready and so are you. Lightworkers have had a rough journey because we have already gone through the event to prepare us. So we can help others.

You do not have to have an extremely high vibration to be able to process this energy. Those that have that high vibration will take the energy first. We will filter it out. We have been placed strategically around the earth for this purpose. That is why we received our lightbodies. Our bodies can withstand this intense energy. Nothing will happen to us or those around us that we are not fully prepared and ready for.

People will probably be looking to you for help. No need to go out looking for people to help. I was watching a video and the person said “a lighthouse does go out looking for ships to help the ships come to the lighthouse for help”. I agree with this be the lighthouse. Just let people come to you because they will.

Please stay calm and in control. My legs are hurting again. The energies today are stronger than they were yesterday and they will only get stronger as we get closer. Please have no fear and don’t worry we are ready. Nothing will happen that you are not ready and prepared for. Be the calm inside the storm.

Drink lots of water and give your body the food it wants. If you crave something sweet eat it. I have seen videos of people saying not to eat this or that. Your body craves something because it needs it. My tastes in food have been changing. I can’t tolerate things too salty, sweet or sour. Foods I have eaten for 46 years I can no longer eat. I have become very sensitive to foods. Just listen to your body if your body wants something eat it. This is not a time to worry about calories or your diet. Your body is never wrong about what you need.

I receive daily bible verses on my phone. Today’s bible verse was 2 Timothy 2:15

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who handles the word of truth.

This in a nutshell is all we have to do to be prepared for this event.

If anyone needs help or just someone to talk to. I know a lot of us have no one to talk to about what is happening to us. I answer everyone. I am here to support you.

Love and Light,

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: