I can’t stop thinking about The Event. I have researched by watching videos and reading articles. They all are different. The only thing agree on is it’s happening soon.

I have been through kundalini.  Your whole body is transformed. Every system and every organ was changed by nonstop energy coursing through me. I was burning up hot at times. People could feel the heat radiate off me and back away. When it finally reached my head in the final stages. I laid on the floor and stretched out trying to help the energy move. After it was done I heard a loud booming voice said “It is finished”. Then the energy stopped.

I know from ascension that there are levels in dimensions. You work your way up the levels in each dimension. In my The Event Is Upon Us article I said the new earth is a separate place. Could the new earth and this earth be separate places in the same dimension? A lot of us have been living in the 5th dimension of consciousness already. When I ascended I had a taste of the new earth energy for about 2 hours. Then my body adjusted and I went back to the 3rd dimension.

The brief time I was in the 5th I was still on this earth but I was so happy. I was filled with bliss. Right before I ascended I heard a tapping in my right ear. Like someone was typing Morse Code. Then I felt the wave of energy. I felt like I was walking on air. I was deliriously happy. I went outside and looked around everything was in high definition. I could see a million more colors than I could before. I looked at a tree and could see hundreds of different colors of green on the leaves. My eyesight was better than 20/20. I could see the veins on the leaves from my car as I was driving. I sadly came back down to reality. My body had adjusted to the new energy.

The more I think about The Event the more I think it will be a wave of kundalini energy. I watched a channeling that said when the wave comes to just lay down. This is what I did to get my kundalini energy moving. It also said that certain people were strategically placed to disperse the energy through them. This makes sense to me too. People who have been through kundalini already would absorb the impact. Then it would filter out to others. Those with lightbodies could hold much more light energy. It wouldn’t scare us because we have already had massive amounts of energy going through our bodies.

My body started changing in 2012 but I thought I had a serious illness. I went to doctors, specialists and even university hospitals. The tests said I was healthy but I didn’t feel that way. In 2015 I figured out I was on a spiritual journey of awakening. After that I was conscious of what was happening to me. Our bodies have been being prepared for this energy for years. We can handle this energy there is nothing to fear. Just take good care of yourself in the next few weeks. Clear and balanced chakras are very important so energy can move smoothly through us. Drink a lot of water and eat healthy foods. When the wave of energy comes lay down and stretch so the energy can work through your body. We can do this! We are ready!

For tarot readers I did a spread. My question was ” Is the event  a wave of kundalini energy?” Using the Steampunk deck and Celtic Cross spread. Here are the cards I pulled.

The Star (significator) The Sun (crossing card) 5 of Pentacles reversed (Foundation) Hierophant (past) The Fool (present) Temperance (near future) 9 of Swords reversed (Your environment) 7 of Pentacles reversed (others) 4 of Swords (hope and fears) The Emperor (the outcome)

Love and Light.

Dawn Bailey

My name is Dawn Bailey. I am a magnetic energy worker, lightworker, shaman. My mission is to assist all life on beautiful Gaia ascend. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. and Google+. You can email me at: dawnbailey7771@gmail.com